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Does anyone else think that we should bring back the triple option offense and dump the West Coast offense? Ganz is fast enough to run an option offense and he has the arm to pass when the option is not on. Is Bo gonna bring back the the Option offense?

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Comment by Jason on July 19, 2008 at 6:46pm
We can't abandon the WCO. With Ganz at QB we can VERY productive running the WCO. We can run the option with
Ganz but he's only here for one more year and we have WCO players on the team so we would be more successfull running that.
Comment by Dave in MD on July 19, 2008 at 8:18am
We have the WCO type of players. Let's see what Watson is all about. The line is solid- watch Ganz- Lucky and crew have some serious fun.I expect you will see some options built in- and a very wide open attack. There will be surprises this year- good ones- compared to last. I cannot wait!
Comment by Andy on July 10, 2008 at 12:45am
Words from Bo: "We will incorporate some form of the Option into our game plan. BUT-- Ganz isn't the type of guy that we are going to want to run 25 times in a game" As for the Ganz opinion: "I loved our game plan against Colorado (offensive, that is)" In the Colorado game plan we Ran that bubble option (or whatever its called) where Ganz had the option to give the ball to marlon on an 'inside zone' type run or keep it... depending on what the Right-DE did. A good example of this can be found at: (notice the NICE seal-off by Murtha #76 - LT) Couple this with a solid strongside draw with a good blocking WR (Peterson, Swift) in the slot faking a slant-- crackback style on the Strong side LB, and you have Marlon vs. Nickel Corner (or SS sometimes) ... I know who i'm putting my $$ on in that scenerio. Also if teams know we will run this play if its open (and often --for a 5 yard gainer ( an inset audible)) Teams will start spying us with a LB... which would in turn open up the middle, which would force them to start manning up on us which would in turn give our speedsters (marlon included) room for those deep routes. IS IT FOOTBALL SEASON YET!!!?!
Comment by John on July 7, 2008 at 11:51pm
Bo won't do it. Offense was our bright spot last year, when B.C. let Shawn Watson actually call plays. Bo kept Watson so that's his way of saying to him, "You take care of the offense. I'll worry about the rest.".

Besides, to scrap the WCO now and go back would be another 3-4 year rebuilding job to get the right players and assistant coaches back in the program.

When run correctly, the WCO can be a lot of fun and, in the long run, more productive than the spread that's all the rage lately. Recruits, especially QBs, will start to figure out that if you want a serious look from the NFL, WCO offenses are the best place to prepare. These spread QBs aren't really working out in the NFL as QBs.

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