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i know its the players that have to execute but when you run same play ten times in a row a blind man could stop it  as for martinez still a lot of work to do rest of the team just was no emotion like been here done that attitude i am very disappointed we have got to find an identity on offense  like back in the day  we knew we were a running team and we went out there and showed everyone why   we executed at a high level if this offense dont grow a pair and watson does not start trusting his players more  big ten will destroy us

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That's the longest sentence I've ever read.  You didn't even put a period at the end of it.  Impressive commitment to snub punctuation.


You're right about being in trouble in the Big 10.  

you are right watson's offense is way to predictable and that is why the Husker's offense has plummeted to one of the worst right now.
Some offenses are predictable and it's like, "You now what we're going to run.  Try to stop us."  Seems like in years past Nebraska was that way.  Michigan was too but they decided to go in another direction.  Hasn't worked out so far but not because of the spread.  They are all offense and no D.  As the saying goes, D wins games.  But you have to score some too, obviously.
It's very simple - balance.  Even the great husker teams in the 70's, 80's and 90's were only really good if they got up early and were able to establish the tempo of the game through pounding on teams when ahead, but if mistakes were made and NU fell behind early even the great Tom Osbourne didn't have the offense to be able to play catch up through throwing the ball.  See losses against Miami, Florida state and other bowl games.  This is where we are again today with an offense built totally around running the ball (i don't believe any of the OL were recruited because of their pass protection skills, because if they were i would laugh) and a lack of talent at WR (seriously Niles Paul, Brandon Kinnie, Will Henry, Curyenski Gilleylen, Tim Marlowe and Joe Broekemeier are the best Nebraska can recruit?)  Other than Mike McNeil (converted TE to WR? - That's how you spread 'em with speed - lol) and Kyler Reed (improving) NU's gas tank is empty at this position.  Ben Cotton (Really??  Really?? Why is this guy even on the team?) Other than getting penalized throughout the season (I'm not talking about the A&M feel-up) he would be non-existant if he wasn't a coaches son.  Stanford and Wisconsin have seemed to figure out you don't have to have the best recruits (we don't either), but can be successful with a balanced offense that isn't afraid to punch you in the mouth and take your shots as well.  Hopefully Coach Pelini learned something about last night and the games against A&M and OU.  If not, then i don't anticipate much success next year and Husker Nation will become unsettled once again and we will be looking to hire someone else to captain the ship.

Shawn - You're right.  There is trouble in paradise.


We'll learn next year what Bo is made of and what the future of Husker football looks like.


If major changes are not made we are in trouble....7-5? 



What's Ron Turner been up to lately?  His record is up and down but better than Watson's.
Did the Huskers  even throw DOWN the field to stretch the Defense at the Holiday Bowl??? That HAS To change.. typical vs a Nebraska offense (stack 8 in the box and make them throw on us)....SAD!!!!
your rigt win as a team lose as a team  but why leave martinez in if  he is not performing is this watsons call
Watson made the call, but as head coach, Bo has to step in if Watson isn't making the right call.
I myself think perhap the biggest mistake tom osborne made was not giving bo the chance to pick his staff (osborne decided to keep waston not bo) . I am a tom osborne fan. However bo pelini may be the worst coach in america or the greatest coach either way he should have been given the freedom to choose his staff when he was hired.

Jason this was a general statement.  The point is I wonder if you have learning problems not being able to understand this  statement. Jason which part don't you understand in every football coach at a division one college football team when they are hired should be able to choose the staff   they feel comfortable with. This goes for the oldest head coach, the youngest head coach, the worst head coach, or the greatest coach. I am confused jason are  you looking for a argment or trying to make someone feel bad.  I also said the greatest head coach. I think at this time bo would  be  somewhere in between the greatest and the worst head coach in America. In regard to a 10 - 4 season being something all huskers fan can jump up with join with great excitement  I am sure you could get a argument from one person named Bo Pelini. The fact is 5 of the 10 wins came against teams nebraska played at home in which they would probably  favored by more then 4 touchdowns. Jason by all means please state where I said bo pelini was the worst coach in america. Jason  you just posted that remark to try and make me feel bad. However the truth is you can get alot of enjoyment by knowing your remark upset  me a little. However a girl i know is in a denver hosipital seeing if she can ask as a donor to  perhap save her 19 year old  sister life and this surgery is  putting  her life is in some danger. No jason one year ago you stated  nebraska fans can sat back and enjoy the ride for the 2010 football season. the lost in the holiday bowl   i am sure was  upsetting to you however I hope this post can perhap offset this disappointment to you some.

I love nebraska football and think bo is a good coach who is in the learning process


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