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With the revised Husker Coaching staff, I'm wondering if Taylor Martinez is the hands-down choice for starting QB.  I have some questions about T-Magic. I have seen flashes of athletic brilliance mixed with some attitude problems. He seems to stand on the side lines alone, without much interaction between his Husker teammates. I have no proof, but I do believe his helicopter Dad was shopping his son during the semester break, without any positive results. I think his Dad has contributed a lot to this young man's ego issues. I guess we'll see what happens in 2011.

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I know you're right, but one can always dream.  "You can say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one..."
it's sounding like the common thought is T-Mart is not the guy we want.  I don't want t get into the revolving QB door problem, but if he's not the right guy let him go.  If we have to start another freshman so be it, as long as if he's showing progress, team leadership, and a desire to win we let him continue even if he makes some mistakes.  We need to develop someone in that position.  I know I'm preaching to the choir here though.
I think the Taylor should be given a shot at starting QB. He has a lot of growing up to do. He was a True Freshman and did the best he could under the conditions presented to him. There are several other QBs that are either in class or will arrive soon. There is real talent in that group. I am looking forward to seeing Jamel Turner and Bubba Starling play. I don't know about Bubba, as he will problably take the Pro Baseball contract as predicted. Brion Carnes and Jamel Turner are a couple of hot topics right now. This along with Arron Green and Ameer Abdullah the backfield is looking strong. Rex "the stud" Burkhead is back along with the O-Line (Old and New guys) are looking pretty strong. The only position that I am concerned about is the Tight End position. We did not really acquire a Tight End and that is/was a key position in our Offensive scheme.

I honestly have no doubt that Martinez will start.  It won't change my opinion that he is over hyped and under talented.  I think that he did a fine job when he had to break free, and was able to hand the ball off.  However he has NO pocket presence, which could be because the line doesn't believe in him or for any number of reasons (but they protect Green pretty well).  He quits on a play when he gets touched or if more than 1 guy is standing him up.  He's a loner not a leader and that is what will be his down fall.  Which in turn will be the downfall of the season and possibly the coaching staff.


This is the offseason and I HOPE that he has time to mature before the fireworks start after the spring game.  That will be his next challenge.  If he can learn to play WITH his team instead of FOR himself, then there is hope.


One thing that I've never liked about coaching is that a player will play himself out of a funk.  And coaches will take the loss instead of putting in a guy who might change the complexion of the game.  TO was the master of that and that is one thing that has always been an issue for me. 



I think Martinez will be the starter next season.  As for Green though I think that with all the other back ups we  have he needs to switch positions so he can at least get some real playing time for his final two years.  I would honestly kind of like to see him play like a slot receiver like a hynes ward type maybe.  Or I think he might be perfect size for linebacker possibly especially with us moving to the big ten where our speedy defense will only carry us so far and his size in the middle might help.  What do you ya'll think?
I don't think Brion Carnes is getting enough love?? Guy has speed, Trowing ability we'll have to see, but I think it's Carne's job to lose.. but we'll see!! Martinez should be used in the slot... and be used in Reverses... it'll be fun to watch!!!
yeah, but if we sent Taylor to run the reverse he might run all the way to the locker room to call his dad.

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