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With the revised Husker Coaching staff, I'm wondering if Taylor Martinez is the hands-down choice for starting QB.  I have some questions about T-Magic. I have seen flashes of athletic brilliance mixed with some attitude problems. He seems to stand on the side lines alone, without much interaction between his Husker teammates. I have no proof, but I do believe his helicopter Dad was shopping his son during the semester break, without any positive results. I think his Dad has contributed a lot to this young man's ego issues. I guess we'll see what happens in 2011.

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I would like to see a situation where taylor martinez is perhap tired at wide receiver and also the qb in the wildcat formation. this is assuming beck runs the same offensive formation next year as this year. Yes I  think taylor martinez should be a starter in 2011.
Yes. Green improved, but is still shaky in my opinion. If we start any other QB, then fans better get ready to accept all of the freshman or first year starter mistakes that WILL come with him.

Look, we need to find an arm, and stick with it.  Florida did that with Chris Leak, and it ultimately paid off.  We can't become the Bears here (take it from a guy from Chicago).  Every two years, it's get a new QB, then by the end of the second year, we run him outta town, and start over.  In the meantime, our biggest rival (Packers) have had two back-to-back hall of fame Super Bowl QBs.

Martinez is the number one guy until someone beats him out. I'm sure that's how the coaches view it, but I could be wrong.

I doubt you're wrong.  That's what Bo preaches, and I trust that he follows it.  I just really hope that some one beats him out.  I don't see T playing the type of ball we need to win in the Big 10.  He gets banged up, gets scared in the pocket, isn't the best passer, and really only seems to have speed on his side.  Now if he works on his attitude in the off season, calms down in the pocket, and has some time in the spread... he might kick some ass.  I still think Green could play some ball if he gets more snaps at practice and doesn't have to come in cold.  I'm excited to see some of the Freshman at the Spring game.
I think its a toss up between Cody Green and Taylor, with the new oc Taylor might do better, but I would start Cody Green, because I think he has a stronger more accurate arm.
"There Is noooo... Way in Hell Cody Green Will start,       Lets get that Settled now.. Im sure he Won't even be on the Offensive side of the ball of you Ask me, if he still is a Quarterback, then he'll probably play a Latravis Washington Role..I used to Like Green but can you really be that Bad..? "He Looked Rattled All year Long." My Opinion on Taylor Martinez, Is He'll be in the Race for the Starting QB Position, But Im Telling you, HuskerNation...This Brion Carnes Kid is the Real Deal, Accurate Arm, stays Calm in the pocket and he Believes in his Arm, Something Taylor didnt have. Also, Word is that Jamal Turner's Work Ethic During Winter Drills, Puts Martinez's to Shame. So It'll be a Race  come Spring, But C.Green Doesn't have a Shot. He's Done, He should have done a Dontrayvious Washington..."And Transferred""Even tho D.W. got Played. .. And another Note Martinez Attitude Sucked because he Probably got the Most Pressure, out of anyone on the Offense..He's to Young to Deal with the Nebraska Fans, He didnt Realize how Serious Nebraska Fans were about Football, So by the End of the Season Im sure he felt like Quitting.and his Attitude showed it, But thats all i have too Say tho...!!!! Feel Free to Give me your thoughts tho....

You're probably right about Green not having much of a chance.  But I have to say that he was never given a real chance last year.  He barely got any snaps at practice, so the few times he came in, he was cold.  Not to mention the game was usually out of hand at that point.  So he was trying to force things.  I still argue if he started the Big 12 Championship game we would have won that game.  A&M might have bin a win too, but the refs sure seemed headset on not letting that happen.  I also think he would have helped pump up the team for the Bowl game.  Watching the tunnel walk he's always in the front leading the way out.  After great plays he's there to congratulate the player, he's a great kid.  Might not be the best player, but he's got the ability to motivate.  Not to mention the O-line likes him so they'd block for him.


That said, I know you're right about his chances at starting.  T-Mart had better do a lot of growing up, because Turner is more than happy to take over.

I definantely like what I have read and heard about, Brion Cames and Jamal Turner, Cody Green was never  given much of a chance, he had a lot of potential, with that tim teebo type offense last year, T-Mart is the wrong type of quarterback, with the new oc T-Mart may be better, but with Cames and Turner coming in they have the potential to put T-Mart and Cody  Green to shame. T-Mart and Cody green may battling for third string quarterback or even just a roster spot.

If Taylor doesn't win the starting spot, I sure hope he doesn't pout like Bobby Newcomb did, and plays another position.  It would be nice to have his speed on the field.  I bet if he doesn't start though, he'll transfer.

What position though?
good question.  What can use his speed, but avoids him having to take huge hits?  He seems fragile.
I know you're right, but one can always dream.  "You can say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one..."


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