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I have read a few posts about our recruiting[which I feel is going great this yer] and how or why the SEC seems to get most of the talent. Do most of you know that the SEC has no limitations on how many schlorships they can extend or sign? The Big 10 and other conf. have a limit on schlorships that can be offered. So the SEC if they see a kid they want,they offer him a scholorship,then after signing day,the go through and decide which kids are going to help them immedietly then all the others they just appologize to them ,but tell them if you stck around and prove yourself we might have one for you next year. This is why it seems the SEC gets all the good recruits. Nebraska uses the walk-on program,so if they ask a kid to walk-on and he is offered a schlorship by an SEC program,guess who wins that battle. Just some thoughts here,and am interested in your feedback.

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ALL schools have scholarship limits, set by the NCAA. I don't know where you got your info, but it's wrong.

That is where you are wrong Rick,not all schools have schlorship limits, they are not set by the NCAA. This is a known fact . I stand by my comments,and yes you may check for your self. Rules governing what an athlete on scholorship can and cannot do are regulated,but the SEC  can sign [by their conf rules] as many kids to a scholorship is not

Rick I should have explained that a little better,Yes the NCAA does limit how many scholarships a school can have signed,but schools in the SEC can offer over the limit,an unlimited number as set by thier conf rules,then to get to the limit set by the NCAA they weed through all the offers and then they decide who can help the team more,the others are then offered a so called gray shirt,which means if a scollie opens up that kid may get one. The Big Ten only allows member schools to offer 3 over the limit. Read the SEC rules and the NCAA rues on schlarships

Kool Aide - 85 full scholarships PERIOD whether Big 10, Big 12 or SEC, etc.



Tom you are right to an extent,but it is a kbnown fact,ESPN,FOX SPORTS AND any one of the sport gurus will tell you that the SEC over signs year after year,also go and check the SEC rules,then come back and talk

Rick and Tom,if you're still not accepting reality,go to SI.COM SEC over signing gives them an advantage

Sounds to me like a good problem to have.....great players wanting to come play for your school or coach in droves, even if it means they could get the rug pulled out from them at the last second.  The SEC gets most of the talent because most of the talent is already in their backyard.  Florida and Georgia have always had strict policies against "oversigning" or "grayshirting" and Florida won two BCS titles during the SECs current run, and Georgia was 5 yards away from doing it this year (they would have pounded ND).


Our recruiting class is okay.  We have a good RB and some LBs.  No DL or OL that exactly blow anyone's skirt up yet.

Tomko check out the highlights on Maliek Colins I put them on the forum discusion (the next Ndamakong Suh) hes a beast slings Qbs around like theyre Colt Mcoy in a Big 12 Champ game might put a little breeze under your blouse lol ;-)

I'm not saying he's not the next Suh.  I hope he is, but every single recruit has a highlight film that make them look like they should be a 1st round NFL draft pick. I have the same hopes you have.  Everytime we sign a defensive end, I keep saying the next Wistrom or Rucker and keep getting disappointed.  We haven't had a decent DE since Carriker, and he was recruited by Solich and Craig Bohl.

Many SEC schools are also known for cutting players.  That is another way the meet the 85 scholarship rule.

They offer many more than they have room for, and then cut upper classmen if necessary, to make room for the latest hot kids.

A commitment from some SEC schools is not for 5 years of education.  It is a revolving offer, if we find a better player at your spot, your scholarship is gone.  Play this game for a while and all that is left on your roster is NFL talent, eh?

I believe in the Nebraska program, a scholarship offer is considered a 5-year deal.  You have to do something to get yourself kicked off, violation of team rules, etc, to lose your scholarship, or leave the team voluntarily.

Big difference in the end result, as we see on the field.  Personally, I can see benefits in ether way.  If you are solely worried about wins, then by all means, start yanking scholarships and cutting players. 

However, at NU, Bo seems to be more interested in making long term commitments to players he considers to be of strong character and work ethic.  Might take more time to build championship teams, but nobody gets dumped on along the way.

The only way to determine how many players have been "dumped" is to compare a signing class to the team roster for the next several (3 to 5) years.


There is turnover everywhere including at NU.


Scholarships are one year, renewable deals.


We'll never really know the true reason why players leave the program.

Scholarships are usually a one year renewable only in some conf and schools. Yes there is a turnover at Nebraska,but it's up to the player if he keeps it,Nebraska does not take a scholarship away just to hand it to a better prospect. At Nebraska the kid either wants to transfer out or leaves because of medical reasons or gets into deep trouble,thus gets kicked off the team. A player at Nebraska has a scholarship throughout his career if he chooses


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