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I'm putting out a question. Why does Nebraska always recruit athletes to become Nebraska Quarterbacks, such as Taylor Martinez, Jamal Lord, Tommie Frazier, Eric Crouch or Bobby Newcome.  It wasn't until Bill Callahan who finally tried to recurit  a "real" Quarterback such as Josh Freeman or Blane Gabbert. Sure Nebraska didn't get either one of them, However Callahan knew what it took to get a Real quarterback in Lincoln.  I just wonder why Nebraska can't recruit a 3 star quarterback like Kellen Moore or Case Keenum. You know a quarterback that can actually throw a spiral and doesn't have a hitch in his gitty-up like Taylor Martinez. I haven't seen a quarterback that throws a "dead duck" ball since Jamal Lord!! what does everyone think of this huge hole in recruiting.  I'm really grown tired of the "duel threat" quarterback, gimmie a QB that can throw with accuracy and distance!! 

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Bubba Starling and Carl Crawford.


Joe Ganz was the man!


Bo just isn't very smart.

You can say that again.  Ganz was the man.  If it wasn't for Keller stealing his Junior season who knows what would have happened his Senior year!!!

I agree. I have wondered if we had a Quarterback who got the ball on target and on time if we might have "better receivers".  Makes you wonder if our offense might be more explosive with a Kellen Moore of Case Keenum.  It's disappointing to see our receivers pull up to catch a ball. They even seem to know on deep balls, "I've run the distance that Taylor can throw, better slow down even though I've beat this guy".  Taylor has a quick release on short passes but over 20 yards and everyone can see him cranking up is arm like a rubber band or a javelin thrower and then throws it high as punt and the ball comes drifting down. I'm surprised our receivers don't wear dark eye shields to block out the glare. What Taylor does do better than anyone is option. know one ever knows who has the ball. Burkhead and Taylor are the best and when we have a third back, it's like a shell game.  It's, take a guess because you really don't know who has the ball until they are next to you and that's too late easy 5-10 yards. I don't think he has big enough or strong enough hands to really palm the ball because any time he tries he  drops it or almost drops it. He can not hide it on his hip on play action or scrambles. Everyone knows if he is throwing or tucking and running.

Right on Russell you get it!!!!


Tommie Frazier won two National Championships, Eric Crouch won the Heisman and played in a National Championship game (although the Huskers did back into that game) and even though Scott Frost was a lousy human being (Hello Tom) he too won a National Championship. How many National Championships have Blane Gabbert, Josh Freeman,Kellen Moore, or Case Keenum won? 0! And neither Keenum or Moore will win one. Lets look at the past, Cam Newton, duel threat, National Champion. Tim Tebow, duel threat, National Champion, Chris Leak, duel threat, National Champion. Vince Young, duel threat, National Champion. Duel threat Quaterbacks have been Nebreska's philosophy for a long time. They won 3 National Championships in 4 years with that offense and by the way, they were not very succesful with Callahan and his left coast offense which set Nebraska back god knows how long in lost recruiting. I agree that Taylor is very inconsistent, but I love our style of offense, it will eventually work in the Big 10 plus 2. They need to find another Tommie Frazier who can manage the game, run the option, and hit the play action accurately and the occasional deep ball to keep those big defenses in the Big 10 plus 2 honest. Nebraska was very succesful with that offense and will be again with right QB.
Craig, your missing my point. I'm talking about a NFL ready QB that is a absulute stud. Nebraska has never had one since Vince Ferragamo. I think if Nebraska could recruit a 6'3 QB what has Accuracy then the Huskers can go places.. Leak, Young, Tebow, Crouch what did they ever do in the NFL.   I will agree with Russell that Joe Ganz was Very Good!! The best we had in a long time... Just look what the SEC does to spread Offenses like Oregon!! they eat 'em up for lunch and spit 'em out!!!! These college  defenses are waaaay to fast now days.

These college defenses are waaaay too fast now days. 


They are also waaaay too BIG!


Only the academies and GT seem intent on running the option and they don't play in the top, most physical conferences.

You don't win the SEC, Big 10, Pac 12 or even the B Who's Counting with an option offense.  NU has not won a conference championship since 1999.

Speed and size kill option QBs.  Look what has been happening to Braxton Miller and Denard Robinson.  They're being beat on and beat up.  Neither nor Martinez is likely to survive a full season unscathed.

We've got some big tests coming up during the second half of the season.

I'm assuming that T-O wants B-O to restore the "roar" of NU football the good old fashioned way.  Great thought.  I just don't think that it will work like it used to.

Wisconsin has successfully adapted the option offense without compromising the passing game.  If you don't have a kid like Russell Wilson (a one year wonder in Madison) it is not going to work.

If you sit around waiting to sign the "next" Cam Newton it is going to be quite a long wait.




why should Nebraska recruit an NFL ready QB?  Crouch won games for us at the college level.  Nebraska isn't supposed to recruit based on what they'll do in the pros, they recruit based on will they win for Nebraska.

I'm not a big Taylor Martinez fan, as my other posts will point out, but look at that list:

Tommie Frazier.  Hmm.  Sure looks like it worked out there.  Didn't he win 2 National Championships and Play for a 3rd?  Not to shabby.

Eric Crouch.  Won the Heisman, and played for a National Championship.  The problem his last year was the Defense not him.


The others I'll give you, but lets not write off the duel threat. 

Gary, you and Tom are missing the point. I am not talking a spread. I'm talking a option offense with speedy and physical tailbacks, fullbacks and tightends who can run block and pick up blitzes on the play action passes, and a quaterback who is physical and fast such as Frazier and Frost. By the way Nebraska did beat down two fast SEC team's for two National Championship's with the option, not triple option or spread offense. Also the SEC is like a minor league for the NFL so until the rest of the country can recruit those athletes the SEC will win every year. Do you really want to be like them and put academics behind football? What did Nebraska win with Vince Ferragamo or Joe Ganz? They won those 3 National Championships with duel threat quaterbacks who were physical. Florida's speedy defenders couldn't bring Tommie down or the woman dragger Phillips. That offense can still work with a physical QB, tailbacks and fullbacks. I agree with Daemon, why should Nebraska recruit NFL ready QB's? Nebraska had it's most dominant years with the option. Callahan tried a Pro offense and we saw how that worked out. By the way Robinson is not physical and Miller is a Freshman. Also Martinez has to run too much because we don't have the tailbacks to run the option to its full capability. You are not seriously comparing the athletes at GT and the service academies to what Nebraska can bring in? Give them a chance to recruit the tailbacks and the QB's to run the offense before you give up on the duel threat. I also don't care what Tebow, Young, and Leak are doing in the NFL. They won National Championships as duel threat QB's. Here.s another duel threat who won a championship, T Martin. Mike Vick almost willed his team to a championship and plays in the NFL as does Tebow. Where is Joe Ganz? And finally Callahan's left coast offense got blown up in the Super Bowl and Nebraska hires him to bring that offense to the college level.

Craig - I love the option offense played by anybody.  When it works it is a beautiful thing to watch.

It just doesn't win National Championships anymore.  I agree that we don't have the backs to run it successfully to it's full potential.  Doubt that we can get them.  Those great backs want to prepare for the NFL by playing in NFL schemes.


Martinez is both a pussy and a choke.  He runs through holes a mile wide but rarely has gotten tough yardage.


Burkhead is tough but does not have the necessary speed.


The only "big time" program that has had success using it in recent years is Georgia Tech.  They are not National Championship material but did play in a BCS game (loss to Iowa) 2 years ago.  This offense works vs. undermanned defenses...but then there are teams like LSU and Bama that have the athletes to crush the option.

Helllllooooooo Courtney Upshaw!


You want to bring back the past.  Would be great to wind back the clock...but no can do.


IMO NU could likely compete in the BIG with this offense; however, its not gonna win you any championships.





Nice Post Tom!!! This is not 1995 anymore!!! The SEC defenses have caught up to the option system. Nebraska needs a Accurate, throw DOWN the field Quarterback to win today. If Nebraska were to plays Alabama or Boise Stare in two weeks, I would Cringe to see what the score would be. I don't think Nebraska would score 10 points vs Bama. Hate to tell you....GET OUT OF THE PAST!!!! This is 2011.


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