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Glad we won.  


Martinez still has a terrible throwing motion, but luckily Bell is a BALLER!  It's too bad that players like Rex will never be mentioned in the Heisman race.  They aren't flashy enough, but man do they work hard.


A shut out would have been nice, but 20-7 is a pretty good start to a boarder war.  Speaking of rivalry, this one still feels forced.  With all the smack that's been talked over the years, you'd think it would be a natural rivalry now that we're actually playing.  However, the trophy and everything else about it feels fake.  It needs to happen on its own.  The little brown jug is a perfect example of how it happens.  We joked about how excited the players were to rush over and grab the Hero's Trophy and march around with it.  Incase sarcasm doesn't translate while typing, I was using it there.



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Agreed on the "fakeness." The trophy is a nice touch, recognizing actual heroes, but it poses little relevance to the rivalry. Minnesota and Wisconsin have Paul Bunyan's Axe. We should have had Farmer John's Scythe or Pitch Fork.

Bell is a gamer. He could easily become the speedy receiver we've been looking for years.

I hope we get to play a Georgia or Arkansas in one of the Bowl games. Even if we lose, I think we need to finish the season playing stiff competition, so we have a better idea of where we need to be as a program going into next season.

This team is schizophrenic.

Can't beat mediocre teams with mobile QBs (Michigan and Northwestern) but can beat good teams with pocket passers (MSU and Iowa) decisively.

Makes absolutely no sense.

This was an MSU replay.  Shut down McNutt just like Cunningham but can't shut down UM and Northwestern receivers?


Arkansas is ordinary.  Prior to today their big wins were vs. 6-6 A&M, South Carolina (without Lattimore) and Auburn.  Close wins vs. Vandy, Mississipppi, etc.


Not good enough to win the BIG!


Totally agree on the schizophrenic!!  Just never know if we are going to play well or play like crap - I would like some consistency even if it means we are a bit worse than I would like to be just so I would know what to expect!  Anyway, hoping to get a good opponent and that we show up and play like we want more!

Clearly the kryptonite to Pelini's magic is a QB with some wheels.


All I know is after watching LSU today (and seeing how young they are), we don't have to worry about BCS titles in Lincoln any time soon. 


That's a relief... 

Just saw it scroll across ESPN: Rex Burkead rushed 38 times (most in school history). So what was the purpose of burning the red shirts of Green and Heard then or at least both of them?  Abdullah got virtually all of the number 2 reps.  Green made some contribution, but playing Heard was a total waste for sure.

Bell grew up during this game. Hopefully over the winter and spring he puts on about 20 lbs and with that extra strength learns to hold on to the ball after a catch. 

I agree with the comment about Taylor's throwing motion.  Sidearm quarterbacks don't excite me at all.  Nor do they excite NFL scouts.  But he is our quarterback for another two years.  Next year, with Rex coming back, the Huskers should be hard to stop.  The season is too short. 

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