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So I am not the rumor starter type and maybe I get skewed information all the way out here in Los Angeles but this is what the rumor mill is out here.  Please tell me if anyone has heard these or if it is just a nasty rumor:

1.  Bo Pelini feels like the higher ups have not had his back and he is sick of being micro managed and thrown under the bus.  He will leave as soon as he has the chance.

2.  Martinez is actually off the team and the whole toe thing is b.s.  His father wants him to transfer and Bo said fine.  He was actually suspended from the CU game and his dad thought that would hurt his chances at getting picked up by another school so they agreed he could use the bogus toe injury and just sit out the rest of the season.  Remember he did come back and play in the A&M game.

It all sounds like conspiracy BS to me but I'm  hearing it from several different people now and it is discerning...  Anyone!?

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I believe your sources are skewed my friend, none of that is true
I just got an article as a email from a friend. It was cut and pasted to me, so can't identify the original source.

Let me know what you think.

Take it for what its worth but I dont think we'll be seeing Taylor play for NU again...I hope I am wrong.

Take it for what its worth. Found this on a message board.
Dont kill the messenger

again, at the risk of getting bashed by everyone on here, I'm forwarding this tidbit on for your amusement, everything below is cut /paste. I did not alter a word:

"Two or three different sources all report a general version of events as this: "

1. Bo's meltdown against Taylor on Saturday night. All agree it was over a cell phone. When Taylor was injured, he was taken to the A&M locker room because that is where the X-Ray facility was. After being X-rayed and cleared, rather than hurry and return to the team, Taylor left the medical staff to walk all the way over to NU's locker room, retrieve his cell phone, and have a conversation with his father. All told, Taylor and his dad waste 10-20 minutes. Bo is pissed on two different levels. One, he needs the kid back in the game and he's wasting time. Two, Bo has a very explicit rule about cell phones in the locker room and on the field. Evidently, Taylor has been busted for this kind of thing in the past.

Taylor comes back out on the field and the medical staff informs Bo of Taylor's activities. You saw the conversation that ensued on national TV. Not pleasant. There are several 'lip-reader' interpretations out there. All have to do with a phone call.

2. Upon returning to Lincoln, the next day finds Taylor's dad having shown up on campus. He's pissed. This has happened with Taylor's dad in the past and Bo pretty much hates dealing with it. They have a meeting with Taylor, Taylor's dad, and Pelini. Pelini explains that Taylor has violated team rules and will be suspended for a game. Evidently, Taylor's dad completely loses it, stating that it is their intention to transfer from NU to somewhere else and that calling it a 'suspension' will keep teams from wanting his son. Bo says, "Fine, call it whatever you want, but your son isn't playing on Friday." The meeting doesn't end well. Rumors swirl like crazy Sunday night that Taylor has quit the team. Technically, he hasn't, but there is enough truth in there to know that something has happened.

3. The next day, Taylor shows up with a walking boot on his foot to practice. Him and his dad want him to wear the boot so that people will believe that he is not playing this week because of his ankle, not because he's 'suspended'. As a 'screw you' to Pelini, however, Taylor wears the boot on the wrong foot, causing all sorts of confusion and strange questions from the press. Taylor, in his odd way, thinks this is all some kind of funny joke.

As this little stunt makes its way through the team, former players such as Phillip Dillard start piping up via Twitter and Facebook, describing their thoughts on Taylor and his established history of stunts like this, neglect for team rules, his over-obsessive daddy, etc. Phil calls on the Unity Council to dismiss Martinez from the team. Speculation is that current players are the source of Dillard's anger.

What the 'inside' people are reporting is this: Taylor Martinez is gone after this season. All agree this is the case. He may not play another game for Nebraska. Taylor wants to be gone, Taylor's dad wants him gone, and Bo and the rest of the team want him gone. Everyone within the program, from the coaches to the players, are tired of his prima donna attitude, helicopter dad, and general lack of respect for all things Nebraska. The 'suspension' will never be publicized as such - but that's what it is according to others.
I hope not, but if it's so, then it is what it is. Taylor is an incredible talent............but then so is Terrel Owens and Randy Moss. Nobody is better or more important than the team. I hope this is all just crap being stirred up.
good deal. didn't think it had any merit, but I hadn't seen it posted.
If T-Mart doesn't play in the next 2 games I think it's safe to assume he's leaving. If he plays, I'd imagine he's staying (why play a quy who wants to leave?). Either way Bo will do what's best for the team, and he's not going anywhere.
I hear that too. However, if it becomes too big of a problem, it becomes Taylors problem.

Heard he's going to UCLA

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