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Not sure about the rest of you, but my blood pressure didnt need that! Why do we have so much trouble hanging onto the damn ball??? Thought for sure we were gonna give that game away. Hats off to the Clones for not giving up and making our final appearance in Ames a memorable one! One final thought: Brett Favre plays with 2 broken bones in his foot, a sore elbow, and tomorrow he'll play with 8 stitches in his chin, and Taylor cant play with an ankle sprain?? Just a thought...

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Holding on to the ball is a coaching issue, and for some reason they have not corrected it. Burkhead seems to be better at it than Helu. Niles Paul, well, I'm not going to say anything because every time I do, I offend some Paul fans. The secondary had some problems today, but I did not see Dennard out there.

And where was our pass rush? I would like to see more of Jason Ankrah. He went in for one play and drew a holding call because he was almost in the QBs face.

We still have a very, very good chance to win the Big 12 and a BCS game as we seem to play best on National TV.
I'll do it for you. Bench Paul. He's terrible. He is big play threat is completely over shadowed by the 50/50 chance he's going to loose the ball EVERY time he touches it. Bench him.
Totally agree! Paul is a liability. He can't make a play when it counts. Or even when it doesn't count. Bench!
"Physically," he's a great football player. "Mentally," he's NOT that great of a football player.
I want to start off with a hats off to Iowa State for playing a great game.

That said, the officials weren't calling holding, and it was bad, all game long. Not to mention "tripping" and stopping the game when we had Iowa State on their heels. Completely killed our momentum, gave their D a chance to rest and adjust. Come on.

If we're suspending players for dirty play, how about that Iowa State defender for trying to pry Rex's head off. Can't flag him for it, nah we'll flag a Nebraska player for coming to his teammate's aid. Let's send that one in to be reviewed.

Talk about great call by Bo to go into the wind in overtime. Knowing we're going to stick with the run, and the wind would hurt Iowa State, it's a good call. When the wind catches the 2 point attempt and allows us to pick it off... it's a great call!
I think the wind factor was more considered for us having a stronger kicker than ISU, but i could be wrong. That's why i would have done it.
Scared me to the end. I'm glad that the D decided to play well and that the coaches smelled the fake out.

I'm fully against Cody ever playing in a game again. the guy just isn't what we need. We were more effective with Rex in the Wildcat.

Goodbye top 10 ranking, i'm thinking. We'll have to see what the computer thinks.
LSU will likely jump us, but we'll stay in the top 10.
Well, we stayed in the top 10. We're 9 in the BCS now. I didn't expect to drop though. We got jumped by LSU, Wisconsin, and Stanford. LSU I expected, they beat the media favorite Bamma, but Wisconsin and Stanford... not sure about that. Texas loosing again keeps killing us. It's one thing to loose to a good team, but when your only loss is to the joke of the Big 12... not good.
I don't believe Cody played bad at all. I blame most of the offensive futility on Coach Watson. You can only run the same 3-4 plays over and over again without the defense making adjustments to stop it. Cody is only running the plays he is given to run and considering he doesn't get that much time each week with the 1st string offense his timing isn't the same as Martinez or even Lee for that matter. I believe there was one ball that he put at the receiver's feet and another sailed on him the first drive, which was caught by the wind, but other than that he was pretty spot on with his throws. Brandon Kinnie dropped a sure first down. It's just good we aren't playing any top 10 teams because we would get smoked.
Don't really agree with your just a thought, I think it was a coaching decision to keep Martinez out - you could tell that he wanted to play. I also had a problem with some of the play calling and again back to Nebraska being "dirty", what about that helmet to helmet that took Cody Green out and brought Burkehead in with the Wildcat?? Not that I totally think it was an intentional helmet to helmet - if we had done that you know they would have been talking about it!
I too had the thought that "oh shocking Niles lost the ball", he is capable of big plays but sometimes those are the wrong kind of big plays. I don't really know what it was today - the hurt offense with barely a drive to push, the wind that messed with both teams, the defense that let a few too many plays to get through or all of the above but it was an off week I would not like to see again! I don't think we will drop out of the top ten - it was still a win and Alabama lost.
The helmet to helmet isn't called when the runner lowers his head before contact. Good no call by the officials.


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