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For those who are finding there way over from the Last of the Life in the Red aka litr Box, Welcome!

Above I have posted two links that will help you find your way around this site.

The first link gives you access to the Chat area where most of the old rejects hand out in the evening between 5PM and 9 PM, depending where your posting from. Usually around 8 o'clock Nebraska time the Usual Suspects start showing up on the chat to discuss everything under the sun.

I really enjoy the chat during Husker games it can be like watching the game with a room full of Huskers fans without having to share your beer or brats!

I have also posted the link to access the Group known as "The LITR Rejects", which is a group of the originals who game over the last time the LSJ changed their format.

There is a good core group of us and I think it safe to say most of us our friends at least on most nights.

NeFan4Life is the founder of this web page so make sure you give him a shout out thanking him for this site.

There are no feess and the only requirement is to have a love for the Huskers. 

You are more than welcome to post a discussion on the main page as well as the home page of any Group you decided to join.

Please if you get a chance stop bye on here and say hello so we know that you found your way.

Any of the members that are already on here please take moment to say hi to the our newest remembers and welcome them aboard.

During the fall one of the  members usually post a Game Prediction Blog so you can post your predictions on the score for the upcoming game. 

Let it be known I never predict the Huskers to lose, can't do it won't do it.

Again welcome and please post something on here So we know you found your way over.


THERE ARE OVER 2,500 MEMBERS ON HERE!. Why did you join Huskerspot? Why do you come on here? What is your favorite Husker moment? Are you aware there is a live chat on here where you and converse with other Husker friends?

Why not take a moment and check out the Chatroom?

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Welcome one and all, this is a good place to visit with a bunch of the old LITR group, feel free to jump in and join us in cussing, discussing any and all things Husker related as well as many things that aren't.

Hey newbies. Welcome aboard. You will find us to be a pretty nice bunch of diverse thinkers. No attacking allowed here.

Welcome to the Spot! Enjoy the site it has been good to us.


I want a Runza.  

Welcome on board!  This site has gotten better in the past 5 years I've been around it.  Lots of great videos to occupy your slow Summer days.

Just checking in.  This whole litter box thing is just bizzare.  It apparently is now dead?  Maybe for the best.  Seemed to have turned into more bashing of people (who you don't know personally) than discussion of sports.  I will stop by some evening to say hello.  I'm sure I've been missing out on some great sessions.  Ron

There are over 2,000 members on Huskerspot,  yet there is very little interaction. Stop by and say hello, where are you from. What is your favorite Husker moment? Do you belong to a group? Where do you watch your Huskers in the Fall anything else.

I lots and lots of favorite moments when it comes  to Huskers football but my two would have to be when TO went for 2 against Miami to win his first. I know it is very painful but if you look back that moments says more about the man Tom Osborne was as a coach then possibly the three NC he did win. Go Big or Go home. The Husker not being successful kind of sum's up my early persona as a Husker fan.

Back before the success of the 90s, as a younger Husker fan I would have to relate being a Husker fan similar to being a Cubs fan. Thank God we finally won it all in the 90s and got that monkey off our back. Had to feel really good for coach Osborne.

Nicely done PT!  For those who are just 'stopping by', the Spot is a great place to be, nothing but 'good' people on here.  Opinions are welcomed, and respected, by almost everyone.  Please, come on by the chat, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.  It's mostly positive but also analytical...join us!

Holy crap Nish, I completely looked at this wrong!  So...nicely done to you!


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