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After watching Lee play two big games, he doesn't look hot at all. Sure sometimes he does, but overall he looks terrible. You can blame it on the line, but he doesn't look good in the pocket. Sure he did great in the fourth tonight, but if we want to win the Big 12 North we need him to step up. But can he? Should we maybe let Green play a little to get his feet wet and see what he can do. I don't think our D (one of the best in NCAA when talking about the line) can hold us in the game all the time.

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He will mature and get more consistent. He is our guy. You can see his arm and accuracy can be there, we just need a little more time for it all to come together. I remember a kid named Frost that struggled as a young quarterback and couldn't get the offense going. He didn't turn out so bad in the end.
Good comparison to Frost, and Frost had a far better line to protect him. My father in law and I laughed about the fact that Offenses and Defenses rarely are great at the same time. One year the Offense is great and the D struggles, the next year the D is great and the Offense struggles. You know what they call it when they are both great at the same time? A National Championship.
I hear ya.
Lee has a broken left thumb, and he sprained his Right thumb at Va Tech, as you all should be aware of by now, Bo does not let injuries out to the media. Zach is limited to how many center snaps he can take, it is very painful to take those snaps. He will continue to get healthier, but he is our Man! Cody Green doesn't not know the offense he has selected plays, when he plays and would be very easy to game plan for as a Starter. Plus we always think if we put a second string guy in he will be successful, but in this case you are dealing with a 18 year old, do want to crush his confidence if he failed ? He is our future.
The most popular guy on a football team to the fans is always the 2nd string QB when the offense is struggling. I agree Lee is the guy, but I'm not opposed to sparking it up if it's needed.
haha, the "most popular" is a well know saying. Meaning that most fans are always think the next guy is the answer when we're struggling. It's kind of a "grass is always greener" saying. I know that Lee knows way more book than Green. Like I said Lee is the starter and should be. I'm just saying if he's got nothing going for 3 quarters of ball and the coaches feel that putting Green in (which they almost did) would spark something, I'm OK with that. It doesn't mean replace Lee for the season, but sometimes you have to change things up to breath life into a game.
Exactly, during that situation at the time they could of replaced Lee. However, it was a bit rainy and Watson wasn't helping him by taking every play in shotgun and never running the football. By mixing in the Run or just running the ball like the last drive will help our team out. I would of like to see Watson benched before Lee last game, but there are pro's and con's to this. Hey at least we are back on the map in college football which feels good!! Go BIG RED!
Not in DC, Jason Campbell is horrible yet they blame the line, Wr's, coach, now the D, anyone but the Qb. Most of the time your right, but it depends were you live to me.
I am form the mid Atlantic and Vt's secondary is unreal ,look at what they did to Miami. Personally I don't think Nebraska has seen a secondary as good as Vt's in a while, and I don't think they will see one as good as theirs for the rest of the year. Remember I said secondary, not team as a whole, thats why he coudln't perform against VT. Against Missouri it was pouring rain, than in the 4th quarter it lightened and started to dry up. Remember he is young and improved throughout the game against Missouri. My answer to your question is, should he benched now, no I think the rain and Vt's secondary + pass rush had more to do with his poor performance than Zach Lee himself. The 3 warm up games against the sunbelt confrence won't prepare him for big 12 play anyway. Should they rule out yanking him a couple of games down the road it depends, I think why he improved in the 4 quarter drastically, is due to lighter rain fall, I think Lee probably (can't say for sure) has small hands. Generally for a Qb to play effectively in the rain, a Qb has to have big hands, otherwise he won't a good grip on the ball to throw accurately, if he doesn't have big hands and one of the backups does have significantly bigger hands, than I would say consider maybe swithcing qb's after giving him 2-3 more games. However, if the backups don't have significantly bigger hands than Zach Lee, than I don't think switching Qb's would solve anything.
Of course I am doing this off projection, I project that Zach Lee will continue to play better and build off that 4th quarter against Missouri. However, if he performs poorely against Tech who doesn't have a good defense according to my knowledge (don't know for sure so please correct me if I am wrong), than I would consider yanking him, but he has to play really poorely. But remember we lost all our starting Wr's and Ganz. It will take some time for the Qb and Wr's to get into a good rapport with each other to become dangerous, so switching Qb's can hurt morale, and may cause the Wr's and new Qb to develop a new rapport starting from scratch in the middle of the season, this can result in having a worse passing game, so switching Qb's can be dangerous thats why I wouldn't consider it right now. So unless he really screws up I wouldn't consider switching him. I think Zach Lee is going to get better.


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