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After watching Lee play two big games, he doesn't look hot at all. Sure sometimes he does, but overall he looks terrible. You can blame it on the line, but he doesn't look good in the pocket. Sure he did great in the fourth tonight, but if we want to win the Big 12 North we need him to step up. But can he? Should we maybe let Green play a little to get his feet wet and see what he can do. I don't think our D (one of the best in NCAA when talking about the line) can hold us in the game all the time.

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Yes Lee is our guy. I wish everyone would stop saying Green should get a shot. His time will come. right now our best QB is Lee and he did a lot of growing up in the 4th. Remember its only his 5th start. Green has had no starts. Green will eventually be better i think but not now. I know he has a lot of hype but just be patient. I was very pleased with Lee today to see how he kept his head up and had 3 TD passes after 3 bad quarters. That says a lot about him and I think he will grow on his success in tough games to come.
I can't be patient when the Texas Tech is going to come in an throw all over our DB's and then our offense can't even score a touch down. Our defense can't always win us the game even though I love it when they do. Our D can't do everything.
I agree, something needs to be done, Lee cant even make simple passes to slot recievers, which are the easiest passes to make. If we had an offense to match our Defense we would be a pretty ominous team. but I LOOOOOOOVE having confidence when our defense walks onto the field. : )
did you watch the 56 yard touchdown pass to Niles Paul? sure he created space for himself but if lee can make that pass in the rain im pretty sure he can hit them slot recievers. dont forget the amazing throw when he hit our tight end for a touchdown as he was going down. Zac lee created that play because he bought just enough time for him to get open. you need to look at some of the good things he did under rough conditions instead of looking at the stats
Take a pill guys! Have any of you ever played in a downpour like that? I have, twice. The ball feels like its covered in Vaseline. Lee had a tough night but it was better than Gabbert by a long ways and he was suppose to be one of the best in the country. I think our play calling for this game was pretty bad. We needed to impose our will with the running game right up the gut and not trying to get to the outside in that kind of weather against a D that is quick and knows how to pursue. Quick hitters up the middle and keep pounding would have eventually cracked them.
Next week we are at home and TT is not Mizzou on defense. Lee will be fine and so will the rest of the offense. Lets make sure we revisit this subject after the TT game.
I have to admit, even I was thinking maybe we should put Green in and see if he can spark the Game a little. Not because I think he should be the starter, but because the Huskers were scoreless heading into the 4th and 3 passes and out offensive scheme was going to tire the D out. Green is more physical so I was thinking he might have more of a chance to get yards on the ground. Luckily, Suh doesn't seem to ever tire, and the D not only held but created the spark we needed. Lee fed off it, and made huge strides in gaining confidence, and learning how to stick in there.

The thing I like the most is, there is no QUIT in this team. They survived on the road against a ranked team in crappy weather, this is a confidence booster to be sure!

I've played in the rain too, and not only does the ball get slippery but it gets heavier too.
YES SIR, If they have any quit in them, we have yet to see, hard playing physical MO FOS
Just found out that Zac's sister is on the Fox News Business Network and was stated this morning that Zac has a broken thumb. Could be an issue with his accuracy? While the Offense had its problems, THEY DID NOT QUIT!!! Many of better teams would have packed it in in the third quarter. NOT LAST NIGHT!! WAHOO!!! GO BIG RED!! ROLL ON!
aaahhh the best player on any team is the back up QB ask any fan!

This team is good and is capable being great! Zac has 5 starts and is 4-1......better than the last 2 QBs for NU so give him some time and he will continue to grow and I am certain Zac Lee will be remembered as a very good if not great NU QB!
I say Lee is the guy. Cody Green is the future. We need to keep in mind that although Lee is a first year starter, he has been with the program for a little while, which means he has more knowledge of the system. I'm assuming Watson can run a lot more stuff with Lee until Green gets up too full speed. I still hope we can see more Green though. I'm no fan of rotating QBs, however, I felt Urban Meyer did it correctly with Chris Leak and Tim Tebow. Maybe we can do something like that. But I believe Lee ended any controversy during last night's 4th quarter.
Someone pointed out to me today that Lee couldn't see the end-zone do to all the rain, and forgot where it was. Suh realized this and pointed him in the right direction in the 4th quarter.
First off, we have to stick with Lee. I don't care who you are, the downpour the teams played in last night would make any QB look like crap.

Fact: We won the game one three great throws by Lee. Kudos to Lee and the WR's on making the catches.

Fact: At the end, our ground game finally came through and ran down the clock while putting the nail in the Tiger's coffin. Kudos to Helu and the o-line in getting those tough yards at the end.

Fact: If the offense can be balanced as it was last night (with just a few more yards than 260), things will be fine.

Green is the future, Lee is the man right now today, and that's a fact.


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