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Our offense is playing like its raining. Oh, I forgot our offense is horrible. Who's to blame I would say Lee for not being able to throw the ball and Watson for horrible play calling. I hate to be critical to the team I love so much, but something needs to be done on offense. We are finally getting national attention and we are going to blow it.

Atleast our D is outstanding. Go Blackshirts.

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That's right. Is everyone still on board to have Mr. Lee as quarterback? 2nd best D in the country but that is half the team. You can disagree all you want but I will not change my mind. Lee should not be starting quarter back.
Hee Hee Hee! 2nd best defense in America???? Even if you come back and how the mighty have fallen.
First of all 2nd best D is all stats. Stats mean nothing when it comes down to it. Nebraska is the 2nd best D, I say bull. Our D-line is best in the nation and they are proving that day in and day out. But our DBs are terrible and our line-backers are decent. If you watch the Blackshirts you would never say they are 2nd in the nation. So, I don't know what your so happy about Tony. Your team has how many loses already and you guys are one of those teams that are suppose to have such a high powered O and a decent D all the time you guys should atleast beat Houston and Texas. Come on texas sucks. They barley beat Oklahoma without Bradfford.
This is a Husker forum not a TT forum. Good luck to your team for the time being. They have a good offense. Eventually your team will be swallowed up by normality with all the other Texas teams...other then the 1 true Texas team. Atleast I do not have to join a TT forum to talk smack. Unlike you, you had to join a Husker forum to do so. Thanks for making my life easy. I'm glad you feel good about your team beating the Huskers. A win always feels good. After all, you didn't really have a known team until 1996. I understand, you must feel the need to be heard. Unfortunately your team will never make a dent in any true Big 8/12 teams winning streak, including Colorado, which is one of the worst teams this season. Long live the TT offense for they have been good for a very long 3 whole years. :>)
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you couldnt say it any better Neil!

who the hell let this guy on this site this is not raider spot its HUSKERSPOT i have no respect for anyone who goes on other team fan sites and talks shit. tony you won the game fair and square just leave husker nation the hell alone! support your team in some other site you piece of trash!
I'm with you all the Neil.
About time Green gets a chance to play.
Way to go Green!!!
I'll put money on it. If Lee is not phased out by the end of the year he will be 2nd string starting next season. Lee has gotten breaks is whole life (this is what I think..nothing personal Lee). Green is the man who has gotten nothing and is willing to go the extra step to get ahead. He is a leader and if he can't find someone to pass to he will bump heads to get the yards.
ha i feel like phasing coach watson out also. NFL MENTALITY DOES NOT WORK IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL
Ya, we all learned that with that "one guy" that was our coach. Oh I forgot we never had that "one guy" as coach. It went from Solich to BO.

2003-07 May We all Forget.
Ya, I think that coach you are talking about, his name started with an "F" didn't it? Oh ya, "Fagahan" was his name. I'm not 100% sure Watson is the culprit to the offense problems. I know you cannot be an NFL O coach and expect to do the same thing in NCAA football and win games. I see good things from our offense but when you have a great D and a good O without a quarterback you can't expect to be a top 10 team. I am curious though about the offensive staff next year. I am sure Bo knows some real good NCAA O coaches. We will have to see how the rest of the season plays out.


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