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Can Tom keep the traveling trophy he won on last week's thread?  This week's prediction thread is centered around the Buckeye's and Urb's issues.  So what is a Buckeye?  In 1953 the Ohio Legislature designated Aesculus Glabra or the Ohio Buckeye as Ohio's official state tree.  The tree is called the Buckeye tree because its nuts resemble the shape and color of a deer's eye.  The Ohio University has adopted Brutus the Buckeye as its official mascot.

     The nuts are toxic unless peeled and roasted due to glycoside aesculin, saponin aescin and alkaloids,  therefore most animals avoid this worthless nut, except for Ohio State football fans, which may explain their odd behavior. Las Vegas oddsmakers opened the Buckeyes as 21 pt favorites, but the spread has dropped to 17 1/2.  Both teams feature a prolific passing attack and a weak defense. 

     Both offenses are dynamic.  OSU is ranked #3 in the nation at 555 yds/game while NU is ranked 18th at 471 yds/game.  However, both teams field leaky defenses:  OSU is ranked 69th, allowing 390 yds/game, while NU is ranked 102nd, allowing 438 yds/game.  (Meatchicken is #1 defensively, only allowing a stingy 234 yds/game)

     Nebraska is more balanced, averaging 250 yds passing and 220 yds rushing, while OSU is more one dimensional, averaging 383 yds passing and 172 yds rushing.

     It appears that these are 2 teams heading in opposite directions.  It is clear that OSU is flawed and digressing as the season is progressing, while NU seems to be improving play.  Will the apex meet this game, or sometime in the future?  The game is on the home turf of OSU and Dwayne Hoskins is completing a blistering 71% of his passes.  But A Mart is right behind with a 66% completion rate.  OSU is minus their big stud defensive star, Bosa, while NU has gotten Stoltenberg back from injury this game.

     During Urb's 3 game suspension, the Buckeyes have beaten the spread those 3 games.  However, after Urb came back, the Buckeye's have failed to beat the spread each game since.  And being favored by 21, the Buckeyes lost  by 24 to Purdue two weeks ago.  It is doubtful the game announcers will mention Urb's suspension, but will most certainly play the heart strings of the audience and will talk about his 'health issues' instead.

     It's gonna be a basketball game on grass it appears with the O/U at 71 1/2. First one to score 40 wins? 

     Get your predictions up!

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It is clear that OSU is flawed and digressing, while NU appears to be improving each week.  The apex of each team will definitely meet sometime, but it is doubtful that it will be this game.  OSU is still too good to overcome, especially on their home turf, but the Huskers WILL beat the spread in a close loss at the Horseshoe.  Take the points Vegas offers, claim the betting payoff proceeds, and then go buy some adult beverages to help cope, as we all rally around the tired ol' Husker battle cry:  NEXT YEAR!

Final Score:

Corn Kernels  - 35

Tree Nuts  - 45

Martinez has 3 touchdowns and runs for 106 yards while #22 battles out the yards for another 100+ game, the young RB Freshman adds a few yards and a TD for good measure and the WR makes his presence known with clutch catches when they are needed, the freshman kicker keeps it close in the first half with FG.  On the other side of the ball the team leading tackler and tough minded LB has a stellar game. But enough about 2011!

I agree this will be a high scoring game, the Huskers will give reason to believe and provide hope but unfortunately there is too big of a talent gap and depth issue to finish out the game.   NU loses a hard fought game and beats the spread 42-31

Well, it is that time again and I am going with the Huskers again.  Since NU is playing better and OSU may not be, I think the Huskers have a chance.  NU 31 and OSU 20.

Much as I would love to see it happen we just not there yet. We will score some points but not enough to win.  

42 30. Buckeyes.

If NU were to win this game....IMO they would have to hold OSU to 30-35 points. Somehow Minny and Purdue accomplished this feat. Sadly, our defense has proved to be a sieve. I wonder (maybe secretly hope?) if Frost would consider slowing it down at times. As noted by Crawford’s stats, we do run the ball better. Use it to your advantage and keep the Buckeye air raid under control. I know he’s said “we’ll do what we do” so I have my doubts. Maybe we play over our shoes. Guys make plays. Blitzes get home. Win the turnover battle. The Urbanuts have had 2 weeks to prepare...also 2 weeks of tumult. We all agree with PT that the upset would be a joy to watch, however there’s just not enough there for me to really even consider that route. At this point, I’d say we lose at least 8 of 10 games played in the Horseshoe. Maybe this one falls in the 20%. How cool would that be? I too think “closer than the Vegas experts think”. 

NU 33

tOSU 38

The keys to an upset:   No 3 man rush.  Secondary must look back at the ball.  D-Line get your hands up.  Offense, do your thing to perfection and wear them out on Defense.  The #1 thing:  We must see Urban's head in his hands and often!  Just as well see it in the first quarter!

Ghosts of games past with fOSU keep haunting me for this game. Think more of the same happens, rinse and repeat, unfortunately. O moves the ball fairly well, but doesnt get the in the end zone much,t D is just not there to stop this high flying (passing) O. Hope I am wrong.

Urb has few headaches in this game.

fOSU- 48

Dless NU-20

The Buckeyes are not what they used to be. Neither are we.

I am predicting a WIN.  Whether we win or not, I think that we will be able to put a bunch of PAIN on them with our offense AND our defense. We are getting better every week. Cornhuskers 42 Buckeyes 35.

Trashman wins the weekly prediction thread traveling trophy!  He predicted:  OSU 38, NU 33.  Actual score:  OSU 36, NU 31.   


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