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I've been reviewing the Badgers games.  I feel the Huskers and the Badgers are evenly matched in many areas.  I feel the Huskers have the advantage in kick returns and running the ball...Their kicker can't kick to the endzone everytime, which means Abdulah...whatever his name is has some good chances to return for good yardage.  TMart needs to be accurate with his passes...even though he has very odd technique.  I see other areas where the Huskers are better but I don't feel like discussing them.

As long as the Huskers have Crick and Dennard playing and no one makes any horrific mistakes they should win the game.


Huskers: 33


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Well, it was pointed out to me that the beavers have played a bevy of kitty cats. (yes nebraska too, but the gophers are actually worse) So there is a slight chance that it wont be a lopsided as i had feared at first glance. I still think we will lose, (because i/we want them to win this one) but the squirrels numbers may be slightly inflated due to a lack of competition. (oh com on! Furry forest creatures are all the same)

Cornhuskers - 28

Badgers - 24


I think the D has finally figured out the right group of guys who need to be in the secondary. With Dennard, Crick, and David all on the field this will be the first real look at the Blackshirts.


On O Taylor and Rex both go for over 100 yeards rushing and a score (each) and Kinne and Reed both catch a TD pass. This will be a cback and forth game all day long and we will pull out the BIG W.

I just have one thing to add to this discussion because I've been hearing consistently throughout the week Tmart can't throw the ball.  He can throw the ball....he has very awkward technique and granted most of this season running the ball has been key.  Last season he threw very well during the OSU game.  There's been times where he looks ugly throwing it, but if everyone thinks if you force TMart to throw the ball we won't win this game I think they're wrong.  I don't think the score I initially stated was accurate......

Huskers: 34

Even in the OSU game he was throwing behind the receivers, but their D was pretty bad.  He won't be able to get away with that against Wisky.

Huskers: 34
Wisconsin: 30


Big adjustment...LOL!  Honestly I wish that it were a day game.  Hopefully the weather is not as crappy on Saturday as it is tonight (rainy and low 50s).



He definitely can NOT throw the freaking ball!  6-7 in the first qtr, then what 4-35 for the rest?  How many picks?


The dude is just sad as a QB.  As an overall ATHLETE, I think he could be a major special teams stud, but not leading the team.


Oh I can feel it!  Most media hyped game in a long time.

Beaten like the dogs that we are!


The Pelini Brothers and TMart put on quite a show tonight.


I guess that I gave us too much credit.  Only thought that we'd lose 38-17.


Now what, BO?

I'm going to bet for the Badgers and cheer for the Huskers. This way I should be happy no matter the out come.

Man I really wish Nebraska would win this game.  I think if we lose that we will be in the same spot we were last year after the Texas game.  We spent the rest of the season all the way up to the A&M game earning back respect then the wheels just fell off the season.  I love Bo as the head coach but I think its time for a statement win. Hopefully this weekend will be it.



I think it will be a fairly even game.  Wisconsin hasn't been tested much, so there is no telling how they will respond to it.  Nebraska has been tested by a couple of decent teams in Fresno State and Washington.  I just saw the Keith Price is emerging as one of the better QBs in the nation at Washington.  That was not and shouldn't be a gimme game, and the Big Red responded (minus almost blowing a huge lead in the 4th).  Last year, Nebraska was able to get up for some big games.  We won a tight one at Oklahoma State where Martinez showed off his arm.  We beat Mizzou in Lincoln.  A healthy Martinez has the ability to win.  It just really hinges on what Martinez shows up to play: the guy who looks like a Heisman candidate or the wide-eyed, hurt freshman.  I wouldn't even say that it is improbably the Nebraska wins.  Knowing Pelini, he hasn't shown all of the cards yet.  He is a gamer himself and doesn't want the opponent to see everything on game film.  That is why he didn't want to broadcast the Spring Game in the B1G Network.  I think that there is a 50/50 chance of upset.  I'm really excited to watch this game.


Badgers - 28

Huskers - 34


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