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I've been reviewing the Badgers games.  I feel the Huskers and the Badgers are evenly matched in many areas.  I feel the Huskers have the advantage in kick returns and running the ball...Their kicker can't kick to the endzone everytime, which means Abdulah...whatever his name is has some good chances to return for good yardage.  TMart needs to be accurate with his passes...even though he has very odd technique.  I see other areas where the Huskers are better but I don't feel like discussing them.

As long as the Huskers have Crick and Dennard playing and no one makes any horrific mistakes they should win the game.


Huskers: 33


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BADgers 38-17.  They are a 9 1/2 point favorite.


I strongly disagree re advantage in the running game.  Wisconsin has a dominant O line, 2 outstanding RBs and a QB who runs only when the pass isn't there.  Hard to remember when we have played a team that will physically punish us as UW will.


TMart has never proven that he can perform well under pressure.  Why should we expect that to change on Saturday?


This will be the "biggest" game of his career.  Ditto for Bo who still has not won the "big one" in his 3+ years in Lincoln.


During the past 12 months the BADgers have won at home vs. #1 team in the country in both football and basketball.


We are hardly that....


I am not saying that it will be impossible for us to win.  I am saying that it is highly improbable that we will win.  We have a much better chance vs. OSU at home on 10/8.  The MSU vs. OSU game on Saturday will be very interesting to watch as well.  OSU has turned to a true freshman QB who will be making only his third start in Lincoln.  MSU is relatively untested other than vs. ND where they showed up flat.  They have a good, 5th year senior QB (Kirk Cousins) who still has not had his break out game this year.  That day is likely to come soon.


If either OSU or NU shows up on 10/8 at 0-1 in Big 10 play they will have their backs against the wall trying to avoid 0-2 in conference play.  Good teams react well when the pressure is on.  We'll learn a lot more about our team in the next 2 weeks.  In recent years we have had the "feel good" start crumble when tested.  IMO we look poorly organized in 2011.  Kick returns and FGs seem to be our strength. 


The BADgers have solid receivers and a QB who can get the ball to them.  That likely spells trouble.


It remains highly likely that TMart, Dennard Robinson and Braxton Miller will all become casualties to injury as the season wears on.  Nobody that I know would describe TMart as "tough".  He can make the great run when he gets great blocking but other than that he is very vulnerable to getting his ass kicked and he coughs up the ball even when  he is not hit.


Anybody who thinks that a team can play at the highest level of Div.1 football with a QB like this needs to pay much closer attention.  IMO Martinez is a hopeless cause but he may be the best that we have. 



Hey Tom the Tool. Everyone talked about that dominat o-line before the TCU game last year.


We know how that ended up.

He Tony the Tiger...Wisconsin's OLine did not lose that game.  They were outcoached AND TCU was one hell of a football team.


DUH...did you watch our game against Washington?

I agree completely with all you said and wish I would have said so before the game so it doesn't seem as though I am hating after a loss.  I knew we weren't going to be able to pull it out, I just wish you weren't right and the score wasn't so horrible!
Huskers 31-Badgers 17
I don't see us going undefeated this year, and those losses have to come from somewhere.  This was a preseason pick for a loss in my predictions.  Like Tom said, winning isn't impossible, just improbable.

I do think Wisconsin is untested and that of the two they have the biggest chance of coming out flat.  I say this because with Nebraska we know pretty much know what their weaknesses are because they haven't played very good in the first four games. The reason I think this could help us is because we have been improving those weaknesses for four weeks where as Wisconsin really hasnt had to improve on anything because they have been rolling every team they have played.  But I still am only giving us a 20 percent chance to win. We are gonna have to throw to back this defense off the line and I don't thank taylor can do it consistently enough. I would love them to win but im not expecting it.


I have to agree that Wisconsin hasn't been tested yet.  I can't say too much more for the Huskers unless the Huskies continue to win games.  I think the Huskers will surprise everone in a good way next weekend.

The Huskers have improved somewhat, but Wisconsin executes well. I think Wisconsin will start out strong, and the Huskers will be playing catch-up. I see Wisconsin up 42-28 late in fourth quarter, with the Huskers scoring in the last minute. Final score:


Wisconsin 42

Nebraska    35

This is where we as fans will start to jump off the tracks.  The Huskers will either come out swinging and make a game of it, or not be mentally prepared for what will be the start of the most difficult season in a long time.  I'm looking for a good tight game, but honestly think that Wisconsin will win. 

This is one that is very lose-able for either side.  Going to be a good game.


Wisc.  35

NU       31 needs to enforce all members to give a score where the Huskers always win.....  :>)

I don't see Wisconsin beating us unless TMart looses his cool and/or isn't accurate with his shoot from the hip passes(ex. Wyoming game)...We've seen him loose his cool in the past but not yet this season.

We'll see what happens this coming Saturday.  Go Huskers!!

sorry man, can't enforce that.  We like the Kool-Aid around here, but we're can also be reasonable too.


I do hope I'm wrong though.


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