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OK I once asked Santa for a new coach, and he brought us Bo Pelini.  Here's our Christmas list to send to Husker Santa.  Add something to the list, but remember, he knows if you've been naughty or nice!

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Then I'm a little confused by how you worded that.  Your uncle told you Coz was bad, do you not remember how bad he was?  It was only a couple years ago.  Not to mention. you only have to look as far as Minnesota to see how bad he still is.

Bring back Frank Solich as Offensive Coordinator. Linemen always blocked, running backs never dropped the ball, teams always scored.

Your right Zolich definantly knows how to run the ball with good blocking schemes, but thats about all he knows how to coach offensively. Let Zolich stay at Ohio.

Russell. If Frank Solich could of Recruited in ANY WAY, He would of never got fired....Let it go dude!!!!  Husker Santa I want a New O.C...Here are a few names.. Bryan Harsin From Boise State and Scott Frost from Oregon. NO RETREADS (Russell).

Thats what I am saying, a run oriented offense with the ability to pass.
the option is a run oriented offense with the ability to pass.
It can be if the play caller frequently calls pass plays, not just pass when its 3rd and 10. the bottom line is you don't need some screwy spread option offense. Just need a balanced run pass offense
Look an option offense is old fasioned football that isn't effective anymore. It's small ball. What the Huskers need is a pro style run pass offense, because that is what is the best way to play, also it will better prepare players if they want to try out for the NFL. It will better prepare players at every position.

an option offense isn't effective anymore because its too easy for a good defense to shut down, and there are a lot of teams with good defenses and quick strike offenses, that an option offense won't be able to keep up with.

A pro style offense will attract better recruits, because most players want a system that will prepare them to make it in the pros. An option offense doesn't do that. As matter of fact an option offense kind of wastes talent. just think if Crouch ever learned to complete 20-30 passes a game, maybe he would be a pro quarterback today, look at bobby newcomb, just think if he was thrown the ball more, he would be a star receiver in the NFL today. The last Nebraska quarterback and receiver that made it in the NFL were Vince feragamo and Irving Fryer.

I never heard of coz until he came to Nebraska.

Mike, all of your arguments are exactly the same things we heard in the late 80's early 90's.  Exact same.  And Dr. Tom proved them all wrong.  As for Eric, he was never going to be a QB in the pro's and if we ran something other than the option, he'd have not been recruited or won the Heisman.  Bobby wasn't utilized much because he quit playing hard after loosing the starting QB spot, not because of the option.


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