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I've been pretty rough on Taylor, and deservidly so, but if I'm going to be rough on bad play, I got to give him props when he does well.  He beat a #11 ranked defense.  He played a smart game in general, and really kicked ass in the 2nd half.


Rex as usual, amazing. 


David, turned this game around.  His strip of the ball turned the tide to our favor, and we didn't look back.  I hope this is what it took to wake the D up.  Give the O confidence.  And let this team find itself.


I'm not saying we're going to win um all, But before this game ended I wasn't sure we were going to win any more.  GO BIG RED!

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Wow, what a game. Maybe the coaches are learning and getting better too. Play calling was changing and getting better through out the game both on offense and defense. Jean-Baptiste looked like a blackshirt. That turf does not look fun to play on in rain at all, nasty looking ground up recycled tire stuff. I like Pelini being classy enough not to score big if there is a large lead but I would have like another score on those suckeyes.

As far as I'm concerned, it's Jean-Baptiste's job to lose.

We got lucky. If Braxton Miller doesn't mess his leg up on the turf, we lose. I won't take anything away from Martinez and Burkhead. They lead the comeback. Davis was inspirational as always. Still, what happened to this defense? Can someone please get to the QB?

Oh well, I'll take it. Hopefully we can build some momentum of it.

And the O-Line...they played well in the second half.

I'm still not convinced that we can win, or even make it to the Big 10 championship game, if we continue allowing yardage like we seem to still want to do.  If their QB could have stayed in the game, we WOULD have lost.  David's turnover started the turn around, but losing their QB took the hearts right out of them.  Their D gave up, just like ours does, when the offense is no longer able to move the ball.  They were shutting us down big time before that happened.  Mental blow, even though they had the lead and had us on the ropes.

I'll give Martinez the thumbs up for the 2nd half.  But for the first he still looked scared and unsure of himself.

Burkhead is a BEAST and HE is the one who needs to take control of the locker room and huddle.  He has the heart and desire to win.  He will take the load and make something happen.  He is a man among boys in that offense.

Defense still has a LONG way to go.  Much more physical tonight, but a lot of missed tackles.  They are getting a better push up front, but still can't seem to catch the QB when they break through.  Nobody has their eyes on the QB.  Just another average showing for them overall.  Can't wait to see what happens with 2 weeks to prepare for the next showdown.


I like the way the Huskers are playing, they are playing good football. The Huskers won this game. I noticed the Huskers did something very smart. yeah that quarterback was burning the Huskers D in the first half, BUT The Huskers kept getting good hits on him, yeah he would run for 5-15yards but then take a hard hit, and that is the best way to counter a running quarterback like that, because sooner or later those hits are going to start hurtin, AND thats exactly what happened. Ha Ha yeahhh way to go BIG RED!!!!!!!!!! I think that is the main reason why The Huskers lost to the Badgers, just because of their quarterback who when the defense is spread out receivers down field with the defense then just take off and run, and there is not much a defense can do other than what the Huskers did tonight just keep laying good hits on him. I think thats fair game as long as no helmet to helmet. Take pride in this Win Husker fans!!!

You said mostly what I was feeling/thinking.  David did change the momentum, but when their QB got hurt they didn't have the strong person there to guide them and they deflated.  I really want to believe the second half is now how we are going to play, but there are still so many questions (the same ones that you talked about with the defense letting the first QB get through).  It does say a lot that they perservered and overcame, but we can't be a bipolar team - how do we know who comes out to play?

Injuries are part of the game.  We can say "if" all we want (ask Taylor about "if he didn't get hurt" from last year), but it is what it is.  Our D that got burned by Fresno State and Wyoming woke up against OSU's 2nd string.  Our O-line dug deep against a #11 Defense, and Martinez played an amazing 2nd half.


They're not perfect, they're not going to win the Big 10, but they grew!

Someone's on Bo's shit list! lol

Wow!  Wonder who that was?  Might have to go back thru Fridays Husker updates and see who wrote what. 


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