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OK, lets all tell a story of our Husker related fun times. Strange, funny, embarrassing... it doesn't matter. I know a lot of us have shared these on our main pages, but there are too many of us to read everyone's page. I'm not talking about favorite plays, or games, but what happened while tailgating, in the stands after the game in the bars etc. I'll start.

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I'll start with 72nd and Dodge, 1995 season championship had just been won, and like many others we made our way there to celebrate. In the shoulder to shoulder mad mob girls were flashing their boobs, and very drunk dudes would shove a person that bumped into them. One guy was ready to fight, he was so drunk. So I grabbed his shoulders looked him in the eyes and yelled "GO BIG RED!!!" His drunken blank stare slowly focused then widened. "GO BIG RED!!" He yelled back and he stumbled away. I have others, but I'll start with this one.
Ok...I'll add another '95 Championship memory....I was in Lincoln watching the game with college friends and after we WON...we walked to downtown was really cold (or I think it was a little liquid courage helped keep me warm)...I high-fived some guys in a car as the were driving by...proceeded to celebrate on "O" Street with everyone else...upon returning back to my friends house, I attempted to remove my glove from my hand that I high-five the guy in the car, but it was stuck. I apparently jammed my finger and it had swollen inside my glove, but with the liquid courage and adrenaline, I didn't realize it until later. :D The next morning I was at Devaney welcoming the team home with my swollen finger and all...the things I endure because of my Husker Fever. :D
What no flashing?
Nope...not that kind of Husker fan! :D I've got plenty of other memories for you....
OK, here's lets have another.
Nice one!
When Notre Dame came to Lincoln the Husker Elvis' sat behind us, and 2 ND fans sat in front of us. It started to sprinkle late in the game and we all pulled out our rain ponchos. The ND fans didn't come prepared and I always bring a couple garbage bags for anyone who needs something. I gave one to each of them. One pulled it over making a hole for his head and that's all. The other guy started trying to make holes for his head and arms. His buddy asked him why he was making arms holes. "To Clap" he said. "But we haven't clapped all day" his buddy replied. I just laughed.
Don't sweat it.
A buddy and I where also in south and there were CU fans right infront of us, they turned around and asked if Alex had the power, and we both said no, then it went through and the next two minutes were just a blur of highfives and smiling faces, execpt the buffs fans. good times
How many players ever get to intercept a pass, run for a touch down that seals the victory, and literally stomp on the coach's son while doing it? Priceless!
That play just keeps getting better. My wife and I finally watched the video on the Big 12 website (thank you Jason). Uhm, let's just say we put it to fast forward and watched the final 2 minutes of the game.
Go big red!
A few years back, three of my friends and I did some tailgating in preparation for a husker game. We wanted to keep the husker spirit alive during the game, so we brought a bottle of Hot.100 into the game with us. Well, one of my friends apparently had a bit too much because about half way through the second quarter there was a puddle of husker RED puke in between my buddies legs and he was passed out with his head on his lap. Not a great story but I thought the color of his puke was hilarious. GBR!!

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