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There has been so much chatter the last few weeks about Mike Riley’s hires and how Nebraska will be no better off because of them not being big name coaches. Check out the link below to compare Bo’s staff vs Mike’s staff in terms of experience in years coaching positions/coordinator spots. Mike Riley’s staff has quite a bit more experience over Bo’s staff.

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Yes it is very interesting on the experience factor of the new coaching staff.   When all the smoke and mirrors have cleared are Riley and this staff going to win as expected?     As far as not getting any more ass whippings is still up in the air as it has happened to Riley and his staff.  That’s not a cheap shot it’s just the facts.  We could have the same results but with a nicer guy.

My opinion is folks hanging on to the fact that he was unable to recruit enough talent at OST (for whatever reasons).  With the lack of talent here (as reported by some) going to be better than what he was able to recruit while OST?  Or on the other hand it has been reported that there is talent here.  (Just didn’t get the chance to show it).

While my expectations have never changed no matter whom the head coach is/was, we should be in the CCG this upcoming year…. On paper the new coaching staff’s experience should get us there.  Right?  Anything less than that is a failure.   Although if it doesn’t happen in year 1 we’ll wait till year 4 before we start crying for his head and then we’ll go 3 more years just for good measure.

If some are thinking that I don’t want Riley to succeed you are mistaken.  Just voicing my concerns.  I want nothing more than for Riley to come in here and get it done this year.  Turned the page as 2015 is here.  No more looking back.

I see a lot of coaching experience I just don't see a lot of coaching success on any of those resumes

I imagine we will take a step back due to transition and end up right back where we left off in a couple years

hopefully Riley has enough success to be here a long time because coaching continuity  is the key to championships and the coaching carousel is the key to becoming the Colorado Buffalos

if we start 5-7 it will get ugly quick GBR

I like where Charger is using the term "smoke and Mirrors" Which makes no sense since we haven't seen anything on the field so there is no smoke or mirrors being used. If you mean the uncertain outcome of the next season then ok, but using the term Smoke and mirrors is just not accurate. That is implying that Somewhere we are being lied to. I don't see that. Also he recuited pretty good talent just couldn't get enough to be deep. That has to go to trying to get them to OSU. I would say he has done pretty well concidering where he was.

   As far as Boom lets look at these coaches. RB coach was the coach that helped the 49er's team get deep into the playoffs last year and they played well the 4 years he was there. OC that was also the QB coach for Manning. A huge one season improvement. Those are two that had pretty good success recently. Also The remainder of the coaches I have seen have done pretty well at the schools they were at what they have done with the talent they had and I think it shows some success with less talent.

Hey, Rev! Ya got any comparisons on Frank's staff...or Billy C's staff?  

Don't really matter...but it does make for good blog material, tho.  

Even if some enjoy piling on previous doesn't  really do any good.

Time to move on.

Riley is our matter how you want to compare any past coaches. 

We need to break the CC drought.  Support Riley and let the past go....

Go Huskers!

i think past experience and comparing coaches is over rated!

Mark Helfrich is leading Oregon to the first ever playoff title game on a $1.8 M salary

I wonder if we could have gotten a guy like that and his staff for $2.5?

just thinking out loud

Beaver fans are ecstatic about the Gary Anderson hire for $2.5- calling it a home run that will move their once stagnant program into the future.... I guess we'll see how that works out for them

I agree Span it's a waste of time- you never know what you got until the games are played

I see it is going to take some time for a few to get over the fact that our D-Genius was firedo n November 30, 2014.  As bad a Riley is going to be for a few, he has a better record than Bo ever had.  Riley is Undefeated at Nebraska and good ole Bo lost 28 Football games in seven years.  Ye,s I credit the USC loss to Bo.  His players, his coaches, his loss! Bo can talk himself to a NC in the MVC.  That is going to be hard to do when they have a four year in a row NC.  YSU will now not only lose, they will have to put up with the the new guy's filthy mouth and childish behavior  too.  The guy that was reprimanded on his second day on the new job!  LOL :)

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