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Since Bo arrived in 2008, Nebraska has lost 10 games by 20 points or more - seven times since joining the Big Ten in 2011 where they have allowed 45 points or more six times. Since Pelini has been in charge, Nebraska is 3-9 on the road against ranked opponents. The Huskers are 1-5 in six Big Ten road games against ranked teams, and lose by an average of 20 pts. Five of the Huskers' top 10 worst defensive performances, in terms of yardage, have come since 2012. Beginning in 2010, the Huskers are just 14-12 after the season hits November 1st.

Bo Pelini peaked in 2010 and has gradually gotten worse in the ensuing years. Pelini and Nebraska have been unable to take advantage of a Big Ten conference that has been down in recent years. Not only have they not been able to rise to the top of an average conference, they have settled even more into mediocrity as the seasons have gone on. Think about this for a second, this year Nebraska will go without a division title even though it has one of the program's all-time best players in running back Ameer Abdullah and one of college football's foremost talents in defensive end Randy Gregory. That is unacceptable, yet with Pelini it has become expected. This season was touted as one of Pelini's best teams and they are no better than the 5th best team in the conference. Like I concluded last September after UCLA reeled off 38-unanswered points to blowout the Huskers in Lincoln, the program is flatlining under Pelini.

A leopard doesn't change his spots, and Bo Pelini isn't going to suddenly figure things out in Lincoln. After 7 years, unfortunately, Bo Pelini is who he is. He has had enough time to instill his culture and perhaps that has been the problem. The "it's us against the world" mentality that Bo has fostered has not been healthy for the program. He has blasted fans and former players who have questioned his "process" and on-field struggles. Well, when you are just 9-17 against ranked opponents and 2-9 against teams ranked in the top ten, people are going to get antsy. Even if you don't have the answers Bo, people are going to want to know why.

Nebraska is one of the 15 most prestigious jobs in the country. With their resources, tradition, facilities and fan support, the Huskers have more potential than Pelini has been able to tap. Nobody likes to disrupt stability with a coaching change, but when that means sacrificing your potential as a program, it's something that needs to be done. Heck, look at the run of coaches that Alabama had from 2000 until they hired Nick Saban in 2007: Mike DuBose, Dennis Franchione, Mike Price and Mike Shula. How about Oklahoma? From 1994 until the hiring of Bob Stoops in 1999, they were coached by Gary Gibbs, Howard Schnellenberger and John Blake. Those schools didn't settle for less than their full potential as a Top 15 program, and neither should Nebraska.

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 I do think there is many problems in the program, most of it seems that the coaches that Bo hires can not do the job they where hired for. He ether needs to find new OC ,DC , line coach, and hire a real QB coach or retire. would love to see Scott Frost as OC and Muschamp as DC but that will never happen Scott hates Bo. 


Scott is a tool. If he hates Bo I'd view that as a complement to Bo.

Have to say I agree Nish.  I do not know much about Scott Frost, other than he was a good Ne QB and he is at Oregon as Asst Head Coach right now.  But I know Bo cannot take this program to the level we fans are used to.  Our problem is we want another TO and that is not going to happen.  Bo is too stubborn for his own good.  He continues to say he is not blaming the players but then fails to adjust during games and simply says the problem is execution.  In other words, his game plan's are fine, the problem is the players.  Reminds me of a book I once read by Casey Stengle about his year coaching the 63 Mets.  It's title:   I Managed Good But Boy Did They Play Bad. 

Everyone keeps talking about the nine win thing.  Since when did that become the standard?  It is a statistic and the old saying is "statistics are for losers". If the team is not playing to win a championship and instead are playing to win 9 games then something we sideways somewhere along the way.  You can win 9 with strategic scheduling (and nearly get beat by McNeese State in the processs).  The only win milestone that means anything is the 6 wins it takes to qualify for a bowl game.  (see Michigan).  Otherwise, the goal is to win a championship.  Preferably a National Championship but for now I will take a division championship and a chance to play for the conference title.  Bo, as Nish pointed out, hasn't even come close.  Every single time we get in a big game, he gets out-coached.  And one can see that when the guy on the other sideline is making adjustments, exploiting weakness in the Husker lineup and matchups.  Bo won't even recognize his starting quarterback can't complete a short pass. 

I hate the idea of going through another change.  The time, recruiting uncertainty, and the entire culture (see Bill Calahan) becomes at risk.  We boosters have put up one hell of a lot of money to make Nebraska's facilities the best in the country.  We have done our part.  We can't change the fact that Lincoln is not Miami or but all one has to do is take a trip to Tuscaloosa to figure out that is not a deal breaker for kids nowadays.  Bo seems to have missed the part that in Lincoln fans matter and what they think and want out of their football program is important.  Players get it; Bo does not. 

So, it is time for a change before we start losing where it really matters, in the recruiting game.  When that happens we will become the Gophers.  And no none wants that. 

Tradition Facillities and Fan support? the only tangible that can help a team win games is facilities and lets face it everyone has a wieght room nowadays. It's great to have tradition and fan support but these recruits arent coming here for the tradition, they are coming to play for Bo

I think Bo is on track and will get us there much sooner than weeding through all the Gibbs, Schnellenburger et all it would take to find the next Stoops

btw nice stats on the road ranked B1G teams. might even look better if you throw out all the day games and just say we need a guy that can win road night games against ranked teams that border the great lakes

As of Sunday, November 30, 2014, the teams the Huskers played this year have a combined 66 losses.  Our signature win against now six (6) loss Miami is no longer that big a deal.  Bo won his 18th come from behind game against Iowa.  Big deal, it was Iowa and it went to overtime. Bo after seven regular seasons has 27 losses.  That is a lot of losing!  Just think where we would be if we were not in the Big 10 and the 22 cupcake games they scheduled to pad the win column.  Plus they paid some of those teams a million dollars to play us at home so the fans could foot the bill.  One thing Bo's program has going for it is the fourteen (14) Blowout Losses.  Of course those don't count for many of Bo's fans.  Just wait til next year, we will be a "Force to be reckoned with"! LOL.  Bring on that bowl game.  

Well he is gone. let us hope we do not get another Callahan

I wouldn't worry about getting another Callahan.  Callahan provided us with some very good players that helped us in the first two years of the Bogram.  What if Eichorst hires us a guy that wins Nebraska a National Championship in two or three years? Bo's behavior is what cost him the job in the end.  Unfortunately, five years had to pass before anything was done about it.  It is time to move on and give the new guy a chance and give him our full support.  Go Huskers and GBR!  :)

Bo just didn't get any better since we moved to the Big Ten conference.  We gave him a pass in2011 because there was no history and he had to prepare for a new team each week.  Result: 5-3.  Three years later:  5-3. 

His attitude is what got him canned.  Daring Eichorst, who didn't hire him in the first place, to fire him was stupid.  He became an embarrassment.  I live in Minnesota and fans up here loved the idea of Nebraska coming into this conference.  One guy even told me just the sight of the big red N on the helmet put chills down his spine because it represents excellence in college football.  They fully expected to get clobbered last year and even this year.  Even Gopher fans realize it was time for Bo to go. 

I imagine Eichorst will surprise us with his choice.  This will be the most important hire of his career and he knows it. 

I'm glad that folks here have finally come to see it my way. After 15 years the Kool-aid just didn't taste right anymore? The man was an embarrassment. We turned a blind eye to him just as we did to all the thugs that Tom Osborne brought to Lincoln in the name of winning national championships during the 90s.

I agree with most of what you have written, let it be said that this is the time of Scott Frost.  I was never a big fan of his but we have to admit he has good coaching talent and he knows the NU spirit.  Time to return to the home front, we won't be recruiting the best running backs, quarterbacks or receivers, not to mention he best defensive players in the country but we may scrounge up some fired up locals who will surprise the country.  I think  Frost is the man that can do this, it is his time and he has proven himself to be a good coach.

For all who want Frost, he is the 4th best OC this year. If you wanted a great OC as next HC, wouldn't you be looking at #1 or #2 or #3? If Frost had no Nebraska connection, would his name even be in play? Just asking....

Some folks were asking about the bridge the other day.  This article is from the LJS on December 4, 2014:  

The dispute over who owes how much money for the problem pedestrian bridge in the West Haymarket is headed to court.

The group responsible for building Pinnacle Bank Arena, related roads and parking garages has filed a suit seeking more than $1.74 million from Hawkins Construction for the cost of investigating the failure of a bridge girder and for damage payments resulting from the bridge's delayed opening.

One of the bridge’s three girders partially collapsed during construction on April 19, 2013.

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