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Zac Taylor sent an email to Brian Rosenthal (a sports writer at the Lincoln Journal-Star) this past Friday concerning the Bill Callahan situation. I just read this email here, and it has a message that is quite the opposite of how most of the media and fans are feeling right now.

In this email, he tells of all the hard work that the coaches and players put in to each game, and how everyone should give Callahan another chance. It's a really great read, you should check it out.

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Great read, but...

I hate to say it but the coaching carousel has come to Nebraska. We've always scoffed at the teams that would bring in a new coach or new system in "Other Schools" and been proud of our tradition of keeping the coaching staff intact. Now, we are at a point in our program that could be the bottom of the barrel in our division. Now we are calling for the staff's heads and our jealousy of teams that are currently on a roll is really taking over.

Never in the history of our beloved Husker Football program, at least not in my almost 40 year fandom, has there been this kind of unrest in Husker nation. I've never been a fan of the revolving door approach to coaching, because it doesn't accomplish a damn thing. Offenses grow and mature and need time to develop. I said in my discussion that we were told 4-5 years and we would be contending for a Title, so far that is SO beyond this staffs capability it isn't even funny anymore. Defenses are a product of leadership. Ours has none, hence the poor play on the field. I really hope that this weekend wasn't a fluke, because they really looked and played well.

I for one have not been adamant about getting Callahans job, but the Cos has to go. How about bringing back Bo to run the D for a while. At least at that point we'll have a person in place who can take over the team if needed. Keep Shawn Watson to run this offense, since he seems to run it better than Bill anyway. We might have some success pretty quickly with some young blood driving the team.
Taylor makes a great point in that Callahan's offense does require a seasoned QB to make it work, and so far NU has never had one. If Ganz comes out smoking next year, then we'll know Zack was correct.

But the offense, while experiencing a few problems, is not THE problem. The biggest problem is a defensive coordinator who probably is a great guy and a hard worker, but doesn't understand football defenses beyond a rudimentary High School level. Worse, he can only make adjustments 3-4 weeks after the game is over.

Taylor doesn't address this issue at all, so again it is not what is said, but what is left unsaid that is the most telling. I don't know Zack Taylor personally, but I am reasonably certain that he's no dummy. Zack's words are passionate and sincere, but such a glaring omission can't be coincidence, unless he suddenly went blind. That Sam missed a pass or two, or threw an interception or five, is not the main issue. Cosgrove's defense has had so much traffic through it that they were recently mistaken for Cornhusker Highway. Nary a peep out of Taylor on that issue.

I don't want to see anyone be fired, but football coaches are not immune to the performance expectations we all face every day. Most of us would never get four or five years to prove we could perform. With that said, the game against Texas, even though it was a loss, in my mind has proven that this staff CAN do the job if they want to, and they really try. Cosgrove's defense, for once, didn't fail due to inpetitude; they failed out of exhaustion.

But why would Bo Pelini want to make a lateral move to a job that probably pays less? Sorry, I don't see it happening. Head coach, perhaps, but not a coordinator.


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