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Osborne laid out plans to remove Callahan last week.
Callahan, Cozgrove, O-line coach and d-line coach are gone
They are pushing back hard for a better buyout
McBride is bringing Sanders in with him just for this year. There is no timetable but it is just a very temporary thing to make fans happy and help keep/get recruits.
Bo Pelini for next year and hoping to keep Watson

The next big embarrassment and this should go down. (Will this happen tomorrow?) I was surprised about McBride but it's just for this season if at all but they are ready to go. All this info was laid out last week and it was told to Callahan and Co. on Saturday night.

Any thoughts?

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I heard that McBride was on the field this week. I was told that he recommended to Callahan to resign. Don't know if it's true or not, but Charlie was never subtle so is possible.
Is it true that Callahan was quoted as saying Tom Osborne was a "Crusty Old Fart"? That's what the news here in Iowa reported. If so, that guy is diggin' his own grave isnt he???
"Fart" was the nice way of saying it. Seriously Callahan is on the way out of the door, not just for a remark like that, but he doesn't do the job. A pro coach has things a lot easier. They have the talent, paid talent, but still the talent. College has to work with what they have, learning what the strong points and the weak points are, and adjusting them on the fly if need be. Callahan isn't doing it.
With Tom back, McBride couldn't be far behind; it seems very credible.

I hope they retain Watson; he seems quite capable.

The "next big embarrassment" will be every remaining game on the schedule. We just lost the "easy" one. Kansas seems to be for real, and Colorado is usually a pain in the a**, even when they rot, which is most of the time.

But I am not so sure Tom Osborne is sold on the recruits unless they can be surrounded by other kids for which becoming a Husker is a lifelong dream. Such as a huge walk-on program. He seemed to think very little of the rating system, and his reasoning seemed quite sound.

But then again, he also said that he wasn't "all that smart". Please. Who is he kidding? 70 or not, that guy has got a mind that is frightening, to say the least.
There are going to be an awful lot of rumors from now until December. Since the Huskers lost again to today, that will increase them. I have a feeling there is already an agreement between Callahan and Osborne that he will resign at the end of the year. That would be consistent with professional courtesy that exists among the elite coaching fraternity. I had hoped that the Huskers would win every remaining game and save every ones job....but obviously that was pretty naive on my part.

Sam Keller is another one who is getting waaaay too much credit. Callahan took a gamble on him and frankly I think he is terrible. He is not an NFL quarterback, Zack Taylor was better. But Callahan ended up with Keller falling right into his lap and we were all elated with that development. Now it appears ASU knew what they were doing when they demoted him. I would love to see a major swing toward Joe Gantz and his playing time. It is time to give up on Keller and start looking toward next year. I say again...Keller is terrible.
If Callahan had any dignity left at all, he would resign NOW. He has to know everyone in Husker Nation hates him. He has to know he doesnt have what it takes. He's getting worse instead of better (and who was the idiot who gave him an extention on his contract after only the first game of the season!??!). Even the "Blackshirts" cant call themselves that anymore. Why not surrender now and let another coach try and salvage the rest of the season? I mean, how many distractions are the players supposed to deal with? Besides, isnt resigning better then being fired? Too bad college football isnt like "Survivor" and he can be voted out of Nebraska! He'd be run out on his ASS!
Hate is a pretty strong word, but I agree, his leadership is clearly in the tank. I don't think the season can be saved at this point, not heading into Texas. But then again, you never know...Daniel survived in a lion's den.

In the college world, resigning under a cloud and being fired are tantamount to the same thing. Fired would actually be better than becoming known as a quitter. His coaching seems "worse" not because it actually is, but because the players have stopped believing the smoke and sunshine, and started believing the scoreboard(s). It's difficult to argue with a losing streak.

It's a shame; I don't believe Callahan is a bad guy. But he isn't what we would call great leadership material. He would probably make someone a great assistant. I doubt he would be a great head coach, at any level. Maybe he'd be better at the High School level, where the players really don't have a choice of schools, who knows. I guess if I were the principal at a high school that had a struggling team, I might be inclined to give Bill a chance.
HAHAHAHAHA, Best commentary about Callahan yet! But chances are he would fail at it too.
Great post Jeff!! Pure husker poetry, my man.
Sadly, after having just read the stats, it seems the only advantage NU has over Texas is in punting.

Next Saturday is going to be a very long day for everyone except Dan Titchener, whom I expect will have a real NFL-caliber breakout day. You go, Dan. We're right behind ya, buddy. Way behind you, if you know what I mean.

I don't want to seem negative, but Callahan's big hope of winning against the Longhorns seems to hinge on Austin being struck by an asteroid this week.

I remember the good old days, when the Huskers would take the field against some Northeast Western Concordance Bible College and win by 60. Bill has certainly restored the order, but not IN order. We weren't supposed to become the Northeast Western Corncordance Bible College of Nebraska. I got a headache when OSU sent in the bench polishing squad, but it became a migraine when a "struggling program" that has been traditionally owned by Nebraska came out way on top. Something just isn't right.

Our guys aren't getting beaten; they being made to seem like they no longer belong in Division I, and that is the real tragedy. At this point, I seriously doubt if Callahan and Cosgrove could collaborate on a the running of a successful hot dog stand. Osborne would have better luck getting an interim coach from Qualitemps. What is there to lose? Another game? That seems to be coming regardless.

Yes, Bill's next gig should be at a non-Nebraska high school, coaching not only football, but ping pong, bowling, and wrestling. For his new salary of $32,299 per year, he should also be required to teach Math and PE, and be responsible for mowing the field prior to every home game. Kevin can still be with his good buddy; it is possible that Bill's new gig will have need of a coach for girls' athletics and someone to teach pottery. The Husker Nation will wish them well in their new endeavors.

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