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Well, we narrowly missed a needed victory against Texas Tech last Saturday. I hope that we play with the same heart and intensity. If we do, I think this game will be in the bag. Let's hear em - everybody post their Husker versus Iowa State Cyclone game predictions, thoughts on the game, keys to success, and whatnot for the Cornhuskers game this Saturday!

Note: The kickoff at ISU’s Jack Trice Stadium at 11:37 a.m. with Versus televising the game nationally. The Huskers are favored by 6 1/2.

Iowa State:17

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Last week still hurts, but I guess it's time for another game! Just like I thought I had to endure an entire week of hearing things like "Well, at least they played well", "They kept it close", and my all time hated comment after a Husker game "I think it was a moral victory"! I don't think the team that showed up against Texas Tech is quite that good yet, but I don't think the team that showed up against Mizzouri is that bad. I do think we are much better than Iowa St. though!
Huskers - 38
Cycolones - 17
I think that Nebraska will play with as much intensity as they played with last week. With having both Phillip Dillard, and Cody Glenn this week and if Nebraska plays like last week they win big. Also we are playing agianst a team that is very bad at stopping the run. The run game will finally emerge this week.
Nebraska 49
Iowa State 17

If we play like the week before we win
Nebraska 35
Iowa State 21
Jason...Jason...Jason...Did you watch the game today? Ye of little faith my friend. Maybe it wasnt a total blowout, but I told ya we'd kick ass!!!! You must learn to trust the knowledge of the old and wise. By the way, the Baylor game will be televised also on the same channel, and the players from the '71 'Game of the Century' will be in Lincoln!!! Man, I wish I could be there too!!
Glad you're taking it like a man! I knew ISU would come out barking, but they're just too inconsistant, and their bark is usually worse then their bite. Now, focus young grasshopper on next week's game against Baylor. And think positive!!!! To quote the immortal line from the classic movie "The Waterboy"...'YOU CAN DO IT!!!"
Im hearing doubt again....shame on you! We play AT HOME! Key words: AT HOME! And its BAYLOR. Believe Grasshopper, you must believe! It's like The Force. Ya know?? Baylor is way better then ISU, but theyre still BAYLOR!
You didnt say it, but you IMPLIED it. No, you HINTED it could be POSSIBLE. And seriously, Star Wars sux? Yeah, it was pretty corny wasnt it?? Personally, I liked Spaceballs. Now thats a classic!!!!
Im like Yoda....or YOGURT, whichever! And no, I dont look like that!! Im just all knowing when it comes to you young, Husker doubters! Dont pay attention to the stastics. Dont worry about who beat whom, or by how much. On any given day, any team can beat any team. My Dad used to tell me that. And its words to live by. We are on a roll! We are playing at home! And its BAYLOR!!! Feel the Force Jason. The Big Red Force!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, now Ive gone over the edge....
Ok, Luke...feel the way you feel. I totally understand. Seriously, I felt like you did most of my life. Ive cried over games lost. Once Dr. Tom left though, I had to re-adjust my thinking. Ive had my doubts, I had my faith. What matters most is that we are both true fans, whether we win or lose. And that says alot, doesnt it?! As a true Husker, we can always say 'but just wait til next year!!!' Because we believe. Right?????
Ok, no more Star Wars. I know Bo is the right choice. Callahan was was a really bad choice. But Bo might need a year or 2 to get in sync. We're on the right track if we can keep the penalities in check. And Bo needs to control himself too. Dr Tom would never show his emotions like Pelini has. Anyway, stay real, and keep hoping. You know the true fans from the jump on the band wagon ones.
Amen Jason. And good night!!!


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