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Suh and the gang have a lot to prove this week, and in the coming weeks, that they have improved. They have got to figure out a way to stop all aspects of the run. They do pretty good at stopping the middle, but if somebody gets outside, say "Goodbye" because we ain't catching 'em.

Gotta "spy" the QB. One guy's job should be only that, especially with a running QB. The LB's need to hold their ground to protect underneath. Our DB's are playing too far off the receivers. I'm not sure if that is a scheming issue or if we just can't keep up, but whatever it is, it has to change if we plan to go to a bowl game.


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I don't see Chase Daniel running very much as he will be passing all over the field. Usually one of the safties act as a spy, and I don't know if we can spare anyone in the defensive back field to do that. Maybe an LB or a Nickel could achieve the spy/rover option for the defense.

I am hoping we can try to get a rush on Daniel, and if we can't sack him, at least disrupt his game. (Interupt his timing, knock down some passes, get some picks!) Mizzou is definitely tipping the scales on overall speed. We need some Memorial Stadium Magic for this one!
We are going to try very hard to stop the run but it's Chase's pass protection that makes him lethal. Chase can text message somebody, check his email and tie his shoe laces before anyone gets close. We need to disrupt O-line with different blitzes. We must keep Daniels off the field by running the ball and keeping the play going. We might need 12-15 plays per possession to keep Chase and his clan away from scoring. Chase has the O-line protection so we must disrupt it by running middle blitzes, side blitzes we must not let Daniels get into a pattern because that's what they do- and that's why they win.

A little secret about Chase- Chase is not that good. His receivers bring life to his bad passes and his monkey running backs make his "leadership" look impressive. He is just a washed up Rex Grossman with a solid Army.
I wonder if Cody Glenn would make a good spy? He certainly has the speed and his feel for offence my be an advantage.

What do you think Shayne?
He already plays his reads better than anybody else on the team. It just amazes me how guys who have come to the program to play a position, can't. Then you bring in a RB and turn him into a LB in his final season and he out plays, out hearts, and has become the leader of that side of the ball.
I hate to bring this up guys! But I really wish Turner was in play. But woulda shoulda couldas won't win a game. But DAMN it sure "woulda" been nice.


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