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We came, we saw, we conquered. WOW! I don't think we could've started the season off any better. Ganz was a stud. Cody Glenn was stopping everyone. All of the hype finally had a chance to prove itself - was Bo the right choice for the 'skerz??! Yes, a resounding yes! I think the Huskers looked absolutely amazing tonight, so much improvement over last year.

What do you think? How did the Huskers look? Were you impressed? What do we need to improve on?

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Cody Glenn is a stud! He'll get Big 12 player of the week. I thought the first half was ok but the second half was sloppy. Ganz showed a tendency to throw behind the receivers, but that just may be opening day jitters. Need to work on that in the next few weeks before VT. And our secondary....good god! We got beat bad a few times by the tight end. It's not like they're covering Randy Moss. Texas Tech will make us pay with play like that. But overall, a good opening day. Scored a lot, played hard, and got the W.
It seemed to me that the Secondary was playing just fine, minus a few PA tosses to the TE. What worries me is LB play on the short crossing routes. However it wasn't like we were beat 1 on 1 more than once. It was more of a gimmick type offense Western Michigan was using in the second half. (crossing routes, double hooks with an underneath mesh, and it looked to me like pick-hooks a few times as well) And actually, dont underestimate Western Michigan. both of their safeties, and perhaps even both corners will probably get a chance in the pro's. Joe Ganz went on to say after the game that they were a seasoned bunch in the backfield (all 3 and 4 yr starters) and they could be the best secondary we will see all year (at least on paper). (i'm sure #27 the senior 6'2 225 lb reciever will get a shot as well) What does worry me is Macklin and Crabtree on the underneath routes, Macklin more so because of the rush threat Mizery can utilize. All things considered, its almost easy to move the ball between the 20's in a spread system. The real test will be seeing how the teams we face fare once they get in the red zone, which i walked away pretty pleased about. minus a few 'un-forced errors' as Pelini put it.
I have only caught some highlights, will post more in my blog when I get to reading and more highlights. My initial reaction though is the D needs to get better against the pass, continue stuffing the run, and get better each week. Offensvely, it looked like we settled for long field goals way too many times and where was the return of the vaunted running game?

Like always, I was soooo nervous before the start of the game. The first series, with the punt didn't make me feel any better. I was scared, but at the same time, couldn't wait to see the defense. That first Western Michigan possession and every one in the first half had me feeling on top of the world! Cody Glenn reminded me of what Pelini did for DeMario Williams in 2003. Get a guy in the right position and he will flourish (and wind up in the NFL). That was amazing. Of course there were a few problems (especially in the 2nd half) but overall the defense amazed me. I hope Cosgrove was watching and thinking "Why couldn't I do that?"! Who the hell is Sam Keller and why did he ever step on the field last year?!?!? Must have spent a lot of time on his knees in Callahan's office. Sorry that might have been a little inappropriate, but seriously! Ganz is the man! He is having a little problem getting the ball over the D-line though! I knew it was only a matter of time before someone right in front of him picked it off. I hope he learned from it though. Alex, great job. I also thought West (CB) played a very physical game. He was up in the WR face and pushing them around. Sure, he had the personal foul and a pass interference call, but I'd rather see that than being ten yards off his man and letting him catch it. Pelini definitely brought the intensity that we've been needing. Keep it going!!! 6 days and counting!!!! It may be a little premature, but after watching the Va Tech game and the Missouri game, I think we have a chance at beating both of them. 57-2 though, not quite sure about that!!! OU looks GOOOOD! T Tech, I think our secondary has a few problems to fix up before we can stop an attack like that. But, we can go toe to toe with them with the scoring. Overall, great job for the 'Skerz.
We thoroughly enjoyed the game. The new video before the tunnel walk is excellent. Chances for improvement as the season progresses, sure -- but I think this shows that attitude and tradition are what make us Husker Nation. Joe Ganz and the offense looked strong for the most part. I think the defense can be The Blackshirts again, but they're still working on it. No major complaints, but I imagine there will be discussion over game film of what adjustments could be made. I think we let WMU have a couple of their scores, could have been a larger margin of victory. Here are some cell phone shots from our seats, not sure I want to take the camera to the stadium, & certainly too busy watching to take photos during the game, I'll leave that to the pros. We'll see how we do next week. SJS won their opener against UC Davis 13 - 10. The last time we played them was 2000, a Husker win 49 - 13.


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