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Colorado Rivlary says we need to acknowledge the rivalry between the Huskers and the Buttaloes. I am not sure we need that or if I like the Mizzery rivalry better? Most of the fan base for both teams to me are a joke but that is my opinion. What do you folks think? Here is the link.


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If Colorado can walk a mile in Oklahoma's shoes then I will consider them a rival and I don't see that happening anytime soon. As far as I am concerned it will always be the "Battle of the Big Reds."

This might sound like blasphemy but I think the CU game is a rivalry because a) They hate us, we have them. Personally I got no use CU. Their program is "all hat, no cattle." Plus, their fans are a bunch of dope smokin' candy-ass liberals. b) there is a shade of unknown that comes with the game. Even though we won most of the games in the 1990s, they were mainly close games. Secondly, I don't think anyone saw the 2001 game where they hammered us 62-36 and I don't think anyone saw the 2005 game where we blasted them 30-3 coming
either. However, this writer is absolutely delusional to think we "need Colorado." If it wasn't for NU fans, their stadium would not sell out Nebraska-Colorado games in Boulder.
First off, I have to agree with Lisa. I grew up on day after Thanksgiving turkey with NU-OU for dessert. OU has been and always will be our rival, even though we only get the enjoyment 2 times every 4 years.

Secondly, let's talk Colorado. The only good thing about Colorado is the skiing and the scenery south of Denver. There fans are some of the worst if not the worst in the country. I have heard of tires being slashed, kids being cursed at, and down right inhumane treatment of people because they wear Nebraska colors. Don't CU fans know they may hug those same people on Sundays when they wear Denver Broncos colors (not me, just an example).

Finally, people talk about other rivals that we have in the Big 12 north. I prefer Mizzou, those games are always fun and there is actually a trophy for it (the Mizzou-Nebraska bell). Missouri has the opportunity each year to make things interesting and that right there qualifies them as a rival over CU.

there want a rival but there also some worst fans in america
I totoally agree with that. Most of their fan base sucks. and they have no idea how to support a team. IMO
The biggest rivalry with NU-CU is between the fans. We have class, they don't. Most of their fans are transplants from other states and think that their off field escapades are what shows their support of the team. They degrade the very nature of sportsmanship.

There is a TRADITION with the game following Thanksgiving, but that does not make a rivalry. The only reason that we "Need" CU on our schedule is padding for the bowl games that we will get and they won't (exception of last season).

The game itself is usually close, with a few exceptions, which makes it watchable. I like to go to both the home and away games, not only for the football, but to witness the class of our fans and to listen to the idiotic banter going on from the CU fans to the Husker fans. To our sides credit, we seem to be able to put up with all of their crap and come out looking much better!
The whole rivalry thing was something dreamed up by Gary Barnett to motivate his players, Rivalry? Hardly. We lead the series 46-19-2. Some other Numbers:

National Championships – NU 5, CU 1 (Iffy at best).
Conference titles – NU 17, CU 6 (1958 first year of the big 8 to 2007).
Bowl record - NU 22-22 , CU 12-15.
Number of All Americans – NU 92 players for 106 1st team All Americans, CU 61 1st teamers.
Heisman Trophy winners – NU 3, CU 1 (again, iffy - but hey, Salaam did win it)
Outland trophy winners – NU 8(leads the nation) , CU 0.
Lombardi trophy winners - NU 4, CU 0.
Rimmington trophy winners – NU 1, (not including Rimmington himself) CU 0.
Overall record NU 813-334 (Only the 4th Div. 1a school to record 800 or more wins), CU 656-409.

The overall record is the only thing I'm kind of sketchy on, the numbers I came up with are pretty close I think, but they've been playing for the last 118 years so gimme a break if I'm off a game or two..
Rivalaries are built over time. 10 years ago, K-state was a "rivalry". That fizzled out in a hurry. Those of us who remember the OU rivalry days realize that became a rivalary over the course of years since the 1940s and 1950s. The Osborne-Switzer years were just the final chapter. To try to duplicate that in the short term is simply not going to happen.

Mizzou has the makings of the next "rivalary". There's always been some bad blood between us over the years.....rowdy fans, allegedly dirty play on the field, "Sit down Norm! (basketball lovers will remember that)", the Antlers....problem with Mizzou is that their FB hasn't been very good until recently and their basketball has taken a turn for the worst since the Quinn Snyder experiement went sour.
I think this game is a rivalry not to the same caliber as OU vs NU, but it is a rivalry. Thank you to the fans that have remembered we are the greatest fans on earth, and not badmouthed CU fans. I have run into several over the years that are respectable and some that weren't. The bad thing is that some NU fans are starting to make it so that I am getting worried about losing the one tradition Bill couldn't take. That being that we are the greatest fans on earth this rivalry has brought out the worst in some of us myself included before I was reminded.
Rivals. I miss OU, and I don't feel CU fills their shoes. If we can't get that back then I'd rather play Mizzou on Black Friday. However, calling CU fans "dope smoking liberals" is a bit harsh. I went last year to that horrible excuse for a football game in Boulder and the CU fans sitting around us were fine. Granted some fans yelled "we kicked your ass" as we were heading to the car, but I pointed out that they didn't kick any ass, but simple sucked a little less than we did. With the drunken look of thought, they actually agreed. Some joked that we should keep Callahan, and I responded only if they take Cosgrove, they laughed and said no deal. All in all not too bad. But a Rivalry... nah.
you can't just acknowledge a rivalry and make it so, it has to be earned. Case in point NU-OU. if Mizzery and the Buttaloes want a rivalry they need to earn it. until recently we would pound the snot out of these guy every year, one lucky season for both of them and they think they are deserving of a rivarly
Im totally agreeing with Jason here. Every year the team that seems to be at the top of everyone's list, is the team that has a vendetta against the Huskers. Probably payback from the 70's, 80's, and 90's, when we were kicking their ass. When I was growing up, the only team that mattered was OU. Later, it seemed to be CU. Mainly cause they could ruin our whole season in one game, no matter how horrible they were. I liked the match up between the Huskers and the Sooners. They had so much respect for each other. We were always #1 or #2. The Buffs are obnoxious and rude. They're like an annoying little knat! I live in Iowa now. The rivalry here is ISU vs Iowa. The winner is a little trophy. But whenever it comes time for the Cyclones to play the Huskers, you'd think that game was the game of the year for them! And not so surprisingly, it seems there are more Huskers out here then Cyclones! So, is CU a rivalry? In my opinion, not in the same sense as other innerstate rivalries. Its more like a grudge match.


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