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Colorado Rivlary says we need to acknowledge the rivalry between the Huskers and the Buttaloes. I am not sure we need that or if I like the Mizzery rivalry better? Most of the fan base for both teams to me are a joke but that is my opinion. What do you folks think? Here is the link.


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I cannot stand CU fans. I run into the occasional Buffa-loser fan here in Chicago, and they are no more tactful or civilized outside of Big XII territory. I am in support of denying Colorado rivalry status indefinitely - if for no other reason than it makes them angry to be unrecognized and slighted by a school (and state) they consider inferior.

Buck the Fuffaloes!

GBR - McVey
So, the question is, what do we do to get OU back on our schedule every year. We're in dire need of a rivalry, and I agree that CU isn't it. They are the last road bumpof the reason, but that's not the same thing. OU gets Texas now, even though the original rivalry there is Texas vs Texas A&M. KU and Mizzou are having great years, but they don't equal up yet. So anything short of OU getting back on our yearly bill will leave me disappointed.
Colorado respects Nebraska so much they even named their University after our team colors.

Colorado is Spanish for the "color red".

If my math is correct CU has won only eleven times in the last fifty years. That is not the record of a team that is worthy of being a rival.
The way I see it is that They don't deserve the recognition. I need to beable to respect a rival before I will acknowledge them such, and Colorado isn't it. GBR
Ok so i waited for all you Husker hopefuls to reply to this article so I could see exactly what i knew i would see... DENIAL!!! NU needs to stop living in the past and move on to what's going on in college football today. CU-Neb. has always been a rivalry atmosphere and now that the Buffs are stomping the Huskers in recruiting, coaching, and talent ooohhh boy I cant wait to hear the excuses when you see back to back to back to back to back stompings of the huskers. You want this rivalry with Oklahoma but let's be honest can Nebraska compete anymore? Huskers haven't been anything more than mediocer since that old man was winning games in the 90's, if I were a husker fan i would take the Colorado rivalry and hang on tight!!! Youve been passed by Oklahoma, Texas, now Missouri and right on the same level of play are the over rated Jayhawks and more than up and coming MIGHTY Colorado Buffalos. We play the same day every year and its competative (for the most part) every year. Embrace the present and forget the past.... COLORADO BUFFS vs. Nebraska corn pickers. Best Big 12 North Rivalry right now, try and deny it. Youll come up with something unintelligent to say im sure or some stats from 1997. Good work.
Agreed, Trollin, Trollin, Trollin.......
'Go play Intramurals Brother!" Sounds like you need a rivalry... Maybe you should push your agenda on!
We relly don't have a rivalry with the start or the big12 in 97 OU went away when the big 8 went. Since the start of the big 12 NU has ether been so dominating that teams like CU and MIZZO we as fans didnt care about a rivalry but now since we have been so up and down it feels like all of a sudden we need to have one.

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