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Which team or player or both do most hate in big 12 me personally is booger picker chase daniels and team i hate is missouri

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Team: It has to be Colorado. There are times I can swallow my pride and cheer for OU. There are times I can cover my eyes and holler Go Canes (FSU is high up on the hatred list). There are even times I cover my wife's and kids' ears and shout Go Tigers. However you will never hear me say one nice thing about the University of Colorado.

Player: I really don't have one I hate these days, but back in the day it was Kordell Stewart and Rashan Salaam.

Team(s): Colorado and OU. CU has the worst non-game going fans in the country. How many other schools have to call the riot police following a big game?? OU is just a rivalry thing. My wife is an OU fan (just to piss off her dad), but it makes for interesting conversation during the games!!

Players: Never really hated on any players. They are all doing their best to get to the next level, so unless I see them do something dirty I'm pretty non-interested.
Team: Colorado, noone even a close second. Everything about that school/team is weak and overrated. Preseason they are ranked 52nd..... way too high.

Player: Anyone who plays for CU
Hate is such a harsh word but despise I would have to say Jayhawks. It use to be that they were a flea on the butt of the big 12 and big 8. They get one good win on the Huskers and the whole fan base is on sports message board talking like they are somebody and kick'n Nebraska around just because they have the opportunity to do so while the giant has no footing. Then they run up the score just to rub the salt in the wound just a little bit more.

I can't wait to see the Huskers shove their faces in the turf. I want to see chunks of it in their masks and I have made a point to buy tickets to see it first hand.

GO BIG RED!!! It's Jayhawk hunting season!!
Growing up in Nebraska, Ive always hated the Boomer Sooners!! HATED! No other team mattered except those damn Sooners! Later, it was Colorado. For some reason, the Buffaloes seemed to have a score to settle with the Huskers. And they were annoying! Now, Id have to say it's still Colorado. Since we don't always play Oklahoma, the Buffaloes can always manage to stick a thorn in Big Red Pride. And the irritating thing is, you never know which team is going to show up to play. They can be the worse team in the Big 12, but once the Huskers come to town, they play like Super Bowl Champs! Thats why that last game of the season, is always a nailbiter!

Player I hated the most: Id have to say Brian Bosworth. Him and his attitude! Man, I always wanted to smack his swarmy buzzed and painted head whenever the Huskers were playing the Sooners and he'd suck up to the camera for his close up! Im sooooooooooooo glad his NFL career and Hollywood career both tanked!!
CU. I cant stand that team! I wouldn't mind loosing to anyone but them.

players I don't like. Kordell Stewart, Chad May [what a whiner]
I personally hate KU, i am from kansas and this past year has most def made me hate them more than anyone in the big 12. Colorado comes in a nice #2 because i would hate to have them number one in anything including hate. That would mean they actually won something :)

Player: well i dont hate players they are all out there doing what they do. Buuuut i Do hate KIRK HIERBSTRIET hes a whining little baby.

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