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So apparently all Nebraska fans aren't geniuses. Just got word that this alleged Husker fan posted a hoax story about two Oklahoma quarterbacks and drugs (coke).

According to an Oklahoma new site (story here) NE fan, James W. Conradt, posted this fake story about two Sooners quarterbacks, Sam Bradford and Landry Jones. (another link here on an OU site)

Ummm, what an idiot! If anyone has more info about this, write a comment and let everyone know! What message board did he write this fake story on? Anyone??

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The only thing i heard about this is that he superimposed the story onto a website layout to make it look legit and then added a link to his 'tom-foolery' on some blog, to support his claims (it was an OU blog-site) seems like he is going to get the full arm of the law, as one of the qb's father is quoted as saying something like: "he is getting the maximum sentence, i've got deep enough pockets to make it happen"
Here's a scary part, Landry Jones dad is going to pursue a lawsuit against the guy and he will win. This guy will not only lose his job, but his freedom as well.

UT found that he did not do this at his place of employment.
he hosted it on his own site and put a link to it. It may have been a bit over the line, but the story really took legs when Texas radio stations (which should be held to a much higher standard) reported the story as fact. That is who should be targeted in a lawsuit, IMO.
I agree Barb. The radio stations and whatever media need to check their sources before they broadcast something as fact. i don't think a lawsuit will go very far against this guy personally.
The fan that resported posted this fake story name went by "Darth Husker", correct?
Well, Check out this Darth Husker page. He joined Husker Spot in September of 2007 and he lives in Texas. He was/is a member of Husker Spot. Ahh!

Latest Developments...

Darth Husker (James Conradt) is being sued by the Oklahoma Publishing Co. Conradt has also issued an apology on his website here - .

You can read more about it here.
The lawsuit is mostly about libel, copyright, and trademark infringements. I am still wondering if Jones' parents will go after him for libel and slander as well. This thing is looking bad. Anybody think the two kids are willing to just accept a national apology on Oprah or something and get back to doing what they love to do and that is go to school and play football? The hoax lasted what, 1 day or so and the dude came out and admitted the story was false. In any case, go for the trademark and copyright infringements and call it a day.


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