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DEFINITE WINS (we won't lose under any circumstance):
vs. Western Michigan
vs. San Jose State
vs. New Mexico State
vs. Baylor
***PREDICTION: We win all four

LIKELY WINS (80-90 percent chance we win):
at ISU
at K-State
vs. Colorado
GRAY AREAS: We still need to prove we are going to be a better team, where we failed miserably under BC and to a much lesser extent Frank Solich. The "rivalry" issue with Colorado is more with them than us but it's enough of a rivalry to where there's a shade of unknown. In the 1990s, they were mostly close games even though we won most of them. I don't think anyone saw CU blowing us out in 2001 and I don't think anyone saw us blowing them out in 2005.
WHERE I ELIMINATE THE GRAY AREAS: The 2007 Nebraska team (the worst in the post Devaney era) was a down and out team but was leading Colorado 35-24 at halftime on their homefield and blasted K-State 73-31. We weren't down and out when Iowa State came to town but a lot of our problems were already exposed. Mark my word, Colorado won't score 65 on us for the next three years combined.
****PREDICTION: We win at least 2 out of 3 but I'll say most likely all three.

BUBBLE GAMES (Could go either way):
vs. VaTech
vs. Mizzu
at TexTech
vs. KU
KEEP IN MIND: Three of the four are at home. VaTech is the first true test but we have a bye the week befire. The Hokies are good but they're no USC. Credit Mizzu and KU for what they did last year but think one of them (if not both) will falter this year. How will they do as the "hunted" as opposed to the "hunter?" As for T-Tech, most people still have 70-10 fresh in their mind which might explain why some message boarders predict a loss. The Red Raiders are a good team. They have an unorthodox system that forces you practice differently but they very schizophrentic. They are capable of beating Texas but also capable of losing to Iowa State. They are like a fastbreak basketball team that you have to force into a halfcourt game.
******PREDICTION: We'll win at least one of these games, possobly as many as three.

LIKELY LOSS (if I were a betting man):
at Oklahoma
LET'S FACE IT: I'm not saying we can't win because OU seems to have one unexplained loss per season. However, they are the superior program to us this year.

SEASON PREDICTION: 8-4 low end, 10-2 high end.
We can't just snap our fingers and expect 10-2. It won't quite be that simple. With this staff, we will definitely play harder and be coached up. Those two intangibles alone will be worth three more wins over last year. We won't lose to teams we should beat. We'll win out share of bubble games and once in a while we'll beat a team most people don't think we'll beat.
IN A NUTSHELL: Going from 5-7 last to year 8-4 should happen pretty easily. The hard part will be getting to 10-2 or better, where the margin of error gets smaller.

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Excellent breakdown! I can tell you do this for a living!

I'm still sticking to my 9-3 which sounds like a cop-out since it splits yours down the middle, but I think that the only programs that can beat us will be Oklahoma, Mizzou, and possibly VT.

I still think that we have a chance against VT, mainly because of all of their NFL draft losses. Not a lot of their bench players got a lot of time on the field.
Of the potential losses you mention, I think we have the best shot at VaTech. We should be 3-0 going in to that game and we have a bye to boot. Keep in mind, Bo's LSU team blasted VaTech. Not that we have LSU's talent but you can bet that Bo has an immediate knowledge of where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

I would also go as far to say that Texas Tech, while they will be a tough opponent, is a little over-rated. Again, they are like a fast break basketball team. They'll score a ton of points with Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree plus goodness knows who else they have at receiver. I keep hearing about how well their defense played in the second half but they also combined to give up 127 points against Texas, OU and Missouri. Our offense may have lacked consistency last year but you don't average 33 points a game without knowing how to move the ball.
Wow! I think this is dead on! I wanted to come there and leave a nasty gram because most people "low ball" us but I think you got it right.
Good analysis. As far as your bubble games I see Va Tech and Kansas as the one's that we have the best chance of winning. Va Tech is the one that I am most surprised that I am saying that, but if you would have asked me 3 months ago I would have said we lose that one no doubt, but there appears to be some turbulence in Blacksburg this year so not sure how focused they will be.
Honestly, I'm just thrilled to be at a point where I believe that we could win the tough ones. I agree with your predictions and know we're not likely to win them all, but they aren't un-winnable if that makes sense.
Here's what former Husker Trev Alberts has to say........I'm getting excited!!!
Trev is on the money as usual.

We'll have our bowl game this year and Big 12 Championship in 2009... 2010 at the latest we will be competing for the big time.

Mizzou-close loss
T tech- loss
OK- close loss
Kan- win
KSU- huge win
Col- a$$- whoopin'

im at a loss for bowl games- any suggestions?
I'm going to say we either play in the Alamo Bowl again Michigan, the Holliday Bowl against Cal or the Cotton Bowl against LSU. Man wouldn't that be something!
I totally agree with your statement about CO not scoring more then 65 on us in the next 3 years combined. Last season we had so many holes in our defense that I could have ran through them, ok I would have been killed but you get the point. Bo is no slouch on defense, quite the opposite actually. I truly feel that our D is going to win a good number of the games for us this year, and with Ganz at the helm we should be fine offensively as well. As far as the OK game goes I don't see us winning but that is the type of game that if won by NE would be huge in the overall process of things but like you said they are the superior program this year. Its not going to be the best season ever but I'm looking forward to it all the same...
well in my opinion i think were going to win the big 12 north posssibly big 12 and heres why with a 10-2 11-1 record, and im being dead honest. first of all our offense is one of the best in the country we ranked 18th last year and its much better now. marlon lucky is predicted to be an all american and joe ganz showed us a lot the last 3 games. If we can get in the top 15 offense which will most likely happen and improve our defense to top 40 35 were gonna be a very dangerous team. every defense bo pellini has been a part of, its been a success. always the top 15. will we be in the top 15, most likely not but if we can even be an average defensive team with a superb offense were going to surprise a lot of people. if we can beat vt thts going to carry momentum on to missouri. by the way we have a bye week so thats more time to prepare for missouri. i believe we'll start off 5-0 but lose against texas tech because in order to beat them u need to have a superb defense. i think we also beat ou at norman becasue anything can happen in a rival game. note that we almost beat texas at texas but we lost only by 3. if u think about it, were going to have a better team and were going to beat ou. i think 11-1 is a little to bold but 10-2 isnt. we have 8 home games. to play at nebraska and win is pretty hard to do. not many teams are going to have a cake walk game at nebraska. I believe kansas will slip becasue they just had a lucky year and they lost a lot of quality players. we will go to the big 12 championship against texas and win or maybe ou but i believe if we face them in the big 12 championship we will lose because ou wont lose twice against one team in one season. if we face texas we will win because the players will have a desire to beat them due to the face we lost by 3 points last year and only 2 points the year before. call me crazy but theres always a couple of surprise teams every year and nu will be one of them
great predictions! i think the huskers will go 7-5, plus they will win their bowl game. GO BIG RED!


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