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Besides Va. Tech which this year is a BCS team, the only decent team Nebraska is going to play in non-conference. I would hope that we don't follow Kansas and Kansas State's cream puff scheduling.


Western Mich.
San Jose St.
New Mexico St.


Fla. Atlantic /
La.-Lafayette /
Arkansas State


Western Kentucky
South Dakota State

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Fl Atlantic is not going to be a pushover...none of those second tier Florida schools are anymore. The Huskerrs have played San Jose St several times in the past and it is always an interesting game. They come with speed and good athletes. Washington should be back on track by 2010. Their freshman starting quarterback this year was very good and will be a senior, assuming he stays the full four years. By the time he is a senior and if they recruit right the Huskies will be tough.

Nebraska has been accused of playing patsies in their non-conference games before. That was when they were in the Osborne era and had not won a national championship under him. There is probably a strategy behind get to play a lot of kids and really get to know your team.
I agree with Randy. The non-conference play really helps in deciding who your starting lineup. With Bo not watching much film on us this year, (not that he won't catch some now) seeing the guys on the field for a couple of weeks will help him figure out who the best players are. With some soft teams on the schedule, he can rotate guys in every couple of series and really judge the talent.

For the next couple of seasons, we will need the softer non-conference schedule to get some wins under our belts and maybe get the bowl streak started again.
good points abut the schedule. that is what's fun about these blogs, seeing someone else's view.
Speaking of VA Tech, I'm a Hokie season ticket holder. I'd love to swap two tix for the game at your place for two at ours. Where do you guys post these kinds of things? Hope to see ya in '08.

Lynchburg, VA
Well, atleast we dont have an indiot making the scheudle this time around (Screw Steve Pederson).GBR
These "soft" teams are a lot better than most give them credit. Every week some Nobody has beaten some pundit-proclaimed Somebody. Whoever wins the mythical "championship" this year will have the distinction of being only Champion-for-a-Night, having already lost twice. Was LSU a champion when they got raked by Arkansas? Or was OU a champion when they beat the #1 ranked team...twice?

I am a firm believer that quality opponents lead to quality wins and quality results. But I am no longer convinced after this year that there is any such thing as a true creampuff team. I think we also know that this overused notion of "parity" is a myth. True parity is impossible. In order to get real equality, the NCAA would have to relocate the Sun slightly closer to the North-Central USA, and put an Oceanic beachfront resort in the space currently inhabited by Iowa and Minnesota. Then, with our 85 scholarships, we would be in "parity" with our tropical climate bretheren.

Callahan, for a time, turned the Cornhuskers into one of the creampuffs we used to play. But I believe Nebraksa has more than enough talent that, with the right motivation and development, could be Hell on Wheels. At least Osborn and Pelini are finally brining in real Huskers; home grown talent that want to be Cornhuskers rather than just posing for the NFL.
Soft was a relative term to what our conference schedule is.
Trust me, this is one season that I will never forget with the App States, Ball State, South Florida teams that have not gotten the love, who were actually ranked in the top 10 in some cases. Even the WAC, Hawaii is playing in a BCS bowl whodathunk that would ever happen?
What I was getting at is that Bo will have a better chance to see his players at game speed against teams that aren't supposed to give us grief. It could happen, ala Ball State. But if Bo is the coach that is expected, our defense should be able to keep things in hand while giving coach the chance to evaluate the different aspects of the team to determine personnel changes and potential starting lineups for conference play. We'll see if getting the best player on the field actually gets there.

The bad thing with the scheduling is that we will be eaten alive in the Media. Listen to the local ESPN radio shows in your areas, if you live in NE. They are already going to town on these schools. After the 2010 season, I would hope that we are in a position to go after the Tennessee's, the USC's, maybe not quite to those levels, but Pac 10, more ACC, ANY SEC, bring on Ohio State or any other Big 10 team. We will need a measuring stick around that time, so I would hope that the AD can schedule a few schools of ability to really see where we are.
I agree, manageable games will definitely help Pelini, at least early on. Screw the media; the loudest detractors are usually the ones with the weakest argument. I say go for the gold. Take on (and beat) a USC or two every year. The schedule doesn't need to be the March of Death, but it can't look like the 2007 KU Jayhawk schedule either. There was a time when Nebraska was the standard used to test another team, not the team looking for a metric. The expectations have fallen that much. Hopefully, a few early wins will go a long way to fixing that issue.

The Spring game is definitely going to be a sell out, rain, snow, or shine.
I would have to totally agree. When I looked at this schedule all I could say is that it was PATHETIC. We won't be able to be in the top 25 with that kind of scheduling(example Hawaii)


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