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The rumor is out there. Find out for yourself when KETV activates today’s Callahan livestream. Watch this link.

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Randy, sorry about the crazy blurb - did not mean to sound disrespectfull to you or anyone else on the forum. I do get passionate and emotional when it comes to certain things in life and NEHuskers is one of them, no appoligies there. The "in your face" statement was probably not good phrasoligy for what I meant to say, I just would like to see someone with passion in spirit and action leading these young men on the field. The older i get the more I realize coaching a football team is more "art" than "science". There are a tremendous number of very talented kids out there, but the true art comes in being able to select and recruit those kids who help you to paint a portrait of successfull accomplishments. I know that sounds a little strange but I've been a coach of several sports and when I think back on the sucesses I had, it seemed to hinge upon a instinctive feeling for doing a certain thing or placing a certain player of recruiting a certain kid at just the right time and place. I beleive TO has always had this abiltiy and why the walk on program was so successful - he had the ability to see ahead to the potential of what a individual or team could accomplish. But I digress, I have all the confidence in the world that TO will do the right thing in deciding who coaches and also will be a tremendous magnet for players who want to belong to the NE Husker tradition. I truly beleive a lot of BC ability to appear so cool and calm amongts all this turmoil is the fact that he really just does not "GET IT HERE AT NE", that will not change so hopefully we will get a new coach who is impassioned about the game/tradition and honor of NE football. One thing I have learned is that a defensive coach HAS GOT TO BE PASSIONATE and has to inspire those kids to play beyond their own expectations, that is the magic of coaching and keeps great coaches coming back for more, just my opinion.
no apology necessary. I have been called a lot worse on other boards, usually by people who know their goose is cooked from a substance standpoint so resort to other tactics. This board is innate with reason, respect, class, logic, passion, and truth. Your posts have an added element of knowledge and understanding what it takes to get young men as a group to all move in one direction and to accept their own smaller role for the greater good. As a retired Naval Officer and sometimes baseball coach I get that. That is why I would always want the guy in charge to keep the cool head, to not celebrate too much in victory nor go off the deep end in defeat.

The new defensive coordinator has got to be a throwback to the days when a team came into Lincoln and knew they were going to get hit. Have you noticed that tv announcers do not really make that many comments about how teams hit these days? When Nebraska was in its hayday that was always a topic of discussion during a broadcast. I never hear that any more. I had an employee a couple of years ago who played for Washington State back in the 70's, a running back, and was on the team that flew into Lincoln and beat the Huskers with Warren Powers as their coach. That was one thing he told me that they knew they were going to get hit and hit hard during that game. But they beat Nebraska because Powers, who had been DC with the Huskers the year before coached the Cougars to do the same thing. THAT is how a defense is supposed to play. Run fast and hit hard. That was what made those old Nebraska - Oklahoma games so great. Both teams understood that. And boy was that fun to watch.

Thanks for the reply Frank. Keep the faith.


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