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The Huskers are preparing for the Texas Longhorns as usual, despite all the media buzz about the unstable coaching situation. The Huskers are focused on stopping Longhorn quarterback Colt McCoy who ranks third in the Big 12 at 278.8 passing yards per conference game.

The game kicks off at 2:30 p.m. in Austin, you can read a more in depth preview .

How will the Huskers fare against the Longhorns? We're definitely underdogs in this one (no big surprise). I'm predicting......

Huskers: 17
Longhorns: 27

I'm still a Husker fan, just don't think we can pull this one off.

Anybody else?

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I love the Huskers but, I think it is going to hurt much worse.
I am saying....

Huskers: 10
Longhorns: 38
I hate say this I'm still Husker fan but I used my head



It's going to be ugly to watch on ABC-TV ouch!!!!!!!!!!!
There's a couple of ways to see this game. It's important to stay positive, since Austin failed to get smacked by an asteroid this week, so far.

NU needs to play as perfect a game as they are capable. There can be no turnovers. No penalties. No goofy calls from the coaches. Our guys need to go in here having eaten their Wheaties all week long.

Callahan needs to give Ganz some reps, and USE him in the game if NU gets behind. I think Keller has played well, given he's only had one season, but he gets rattled and makes poor decisions when the chips are down. That is a sure way to lose.

Another thing, and this is the real long shot, is that Bill needs to stop being so reactionary. He needs to devise a plan where NU can powerrun against the Longhord defense and actually sustain a drive until the end. And, in the likelihood that NU falls behind, he needs to STICK TO THE PLAN and not have Keller OR Ganz go flinging ducks all over Austin.

Texas today is not the Texas of the past. They can be beat. But one of the strengths they have and we do not is coaching. Bill will just have to not be himself that day. Cosgrove, well, there's just no immediate fix for that. Sometimes you just have to drive on that bald tire and hope it doesn't blow.

Unfortunately, the only thing that has been consistent over the past four years is how curiously flat every Cosgrove defense looks...and that is on the GOOD days. On the bad days, the defense may as well not even be on the field. You gotta feel for these kids, but Coz will be Coz...that much, at least, is very predictable.

Huskers 20 - Longhorns 58
I may be living in a world of delusion, but I really thought that the team as a whole looked pretty good last weekend in the first half. If they can remember what went right and forget about the option, they might have a chance.

The defenders need to play their positions, not necessarily try to fill the holes in the D-line with Linebackers. We need guys in space that can make the plays in the open field if/when a play gets beyond the line of scrimmage. The way it's been, everybody rushes the line and the backs run free once they clear the line. And since nobody can tackle on the line, that happens a bunch.

I think that the outcome will be closer than previous weeks, but that could be dimentia setting in.

Huskers --- 24
Longhorns --- 35
Alright, our votes have been casted!!!!
GO HUSKERS!!! WE WOULD LOVE A SURPRISE! (for something good)
It 's hope for something good on Saturday a change.Big win.


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