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Is it just me, or did something almost great happen this weekend in the A&M game? Things actually went well in the first half with Shawn Watson calling the plays from the sideline, instead of being overridden by Callahan. While this was happening, the running attack was working well enough to allow a few pass completions including a touchdown. Then in the 2nd half, Bill took over the play selection and the running game evaporated, the turnovers took over, and the game got out of hand. I mentioned before that the WCO is set up to run and then pass, I don't think that it is supposed to change at halftime from run to pass.

Callahan has got to get used to the idea that he will not be here next year and that Coach Watson most likely will. Watson will be calling plays for whoever they bring in, so if he wants to leave any kind of legacy of his style of offense let Shawn call the plays. Coach Watson has the attention of every player on the offensive side of the ball and they all love the guy. He is a high energy coach and is very intelligent. He knows Husker Football and could eventually be a head coach somewhere.

Isn't that what we are looking for in a coach?

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If you imagined it, then so did I, because I thought exactly the same thing. For a time, it appeared that the Huskers were going to make a stand. But then Bill took over again, and, well, things went down from there. Way down.

It would seem apparent that Watson has a better head for the game and keeps his head in the game. Whether he'd be a good Head Coach or not remains to be seen, but Watson should definitely be retained.
I am so glad that you told me Callahan started play calling in the second half - I guess I didn't realize that and it explains all of my confusion as to what happened to us after half time!
Yes, Bill took over the play calling after half-time. The Huskers, which seemed fired up in the first half, were lifeless thereafter. We were "in it" in the first, and out of it in the second. The only changed factor was the play caller.
This guy in an egoistic coach. Nebraska has never been known for having a coach that wants all the attention be on him (like B.C.) In the past, Osborne wouldn't take any credit for his play calling. He would simply give all the credit to his coaching staff and players. Thats what makes a great ball coach. This just tells me that Callahan wants to have total control of his football team, and that has shown throughout this year. We need a head coach that has faith in his coaching staff, and motivates his team throughout this course of the year (which is evident that B.C. hasnt).
Amen, amen, amen. We ask for a leader, Pederson gave us Pinky and the Brain in Coz and Callahan.


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