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I am the world's biggest Husker fan, and I can't believe what I am about to say....but after watching Missouri play all season, they are so much better than NU right now, that it makes me sick.... (note: Chase Daniels is an amazing quarterback) We will find out how good KU is tomorrow night..........

Missouri looked very good, albeit, vs a "pretty good" SEC team going through a coaching change, but I saw Pinkel adjust, athletes perform and they looked good...I would have liked to seen them play USC in the Rose Bowl.... (which is why the uppety Rose bowl needs to forget the Big10 - PAC 10 crap)

Is the Missouri football team that far ahead of us, or did they just have a great year?

Mizzou is still fairly young, and yesterday sure didn't hurt their recruiting either...

What does Nebraska have to do to catch up? ...or at least compete with Mizzou?

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I thought the same thing when I watched their game. Unreal running attack! Upfront blocking was outstanding!
I couldn't believe that OU beat them so badly, after watching that piss poor performance last night against WVU.

I think that we are a couple of years away from taking the North away from KU and Mizzou. Daniel is going to be back next year, so I think that everybody in the North is going to be waiting for a couple of years to take the North.

The South is another story. OU can't play in Bowl games. They play to crush everybody in regular season, but once they get that 30 day layoff they can't get out of first gear until the 4th quarter.

NU has to be patient. The fans have to be patient. 2-3 years from now, Mizzou and KU fans will be having this exact same conversation. "How do we get back to the top of the conference and beat the Huskers". By then we should have a proven system in place and have the hopper full of Beefy kids from Huskerland, who can continue the excellence year in and year out.

You gotta have hope!!

I'm not going to sit here and say we are top of the heap all the sudden with the changes we have made but I honestly do not think e are that far off.

Bo said he’s not here to rebuild, he’s here to win -- and win now. As a fan and alum that statement is refreshing to hear. After a disappointing 5-7 season, Bo will be given a longer leash than Callahan received as long as the team plays harder. Obviously the style of play will be something that is noticeable immediately and one area of improvement that is a must. We should see a team that creates turnovers, plays team defense, and one that is very physical. There's no reason that the Huskers can't win the Big 12 North title next year. Missouri and Kansas figure to be good again, but both teams will be losing key players and I have a hard time believing either is on the path of a dynasty like run that will go 10-2 or 11-1 on a regular basis. One or the other might replicate their 207 success next year but I'll bet dollars-to-donuts that it won't be both. I can see Mizzu being strong again next year but I can definitely see KU going back to being a 6-6/7-5 type of team.

You can also make the argument that coaches shouldn’t have specific requirements to win a certain number of games because many variables come into play. I think Callahan could have survived a 7-5 or 6-6 season in 2007 under certain circumstances. For example, several close losses and a lot of injuries forcing him to play younger, inexperienced players. Back in the preseason, I thought he needed to win 10 games, and that was mostly to show progress. If there had been several injuries at quarterback and Patrick Witt started most of the games this season, I probably would have been more receptive to 5 or 6 losses.

With that in mind, Bo should show consistent progress, winning the games he should win and not getting blown out by someone he should beat. In this day and age of college football, winning ten or eleven games each and every year is tough. Keep in mind, Florida only won nine games this season, excluding the bowl game against Michigan. Even the best programs are occasionally going to have a bad season or two. Right now, I'd be happy with an 8-4 record in 2008 but I think 10-2 is a possibility. Honestly, Nebraska should never be worse than 8-4.

More than wins and losses though, it comes down to how the team plays. I would look for the Huskers to make a big leap forward in competitiveness because there is talent on the team now. In many ways, that talent has not been developed and utilized effectively. We've got guys like Rickey Thenarse and Major Culbert that should have been seeing more playing time. Pelini will be able to recognize this talent and utilize it to Nebraska's advantage. It should be an exciting season for fans of the Blackshirts. The good news is that Callahan left us a fair number of good players.


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