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The last couple of weeks have been hell to watch on TV and listen to on the radio. All the talk is of who will coaching where, speculation speculation everywhere.

ESPN made many mistakes during this period, including saying the Bo Pelini was out of the running and that Les Miles was going to Michigan. Kirk Herbstreit even went so far as to say on Game Day that Miles had taken the job at Michigan, which prompted Miles to have an impromptu press conference to state just the opposite.

Tom Osborne had to take time out of his day to issue the "No Comment" regarding ESPN's statement that Bo had been offered the job. Bo had to break away from his preparation for the SEC Championship to issue the "No Comment".

When did ESPN become the Athletic Director of EVERY school in the country??

The speculation is supposed to be the job of the fan (We ALL do it), since they are a "News" outlet for sports, aren't they supposed to be sure of their "Facts" before broadcasting?

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ESPN has always been a dribble of sports information. They have slandered the Huskers pretty much since they went on the air almost 30 years ago. ESPN is still smarting from the stupid statements before the 1996 Fiesta Bowl saying that Nebraska couldn't stay on the field with Florida. So no surprise they make a mess of the recent coaching openings around the country.

I have hoped that the Fox Network might start their own version of ESPN to knock ESPN down a few notches.

P.S. when do facts ever matter when it comes to the media???
I think ESPN has out grown its self. They have to make up news to fill all the air time they have. If you think back 4 yrs they all had BO as head couch back then.
I live in Big 10 country and getting any news about NE is hard to come by. ESPN radio had a 1 line comment about it after the press conferance. And the TV stations just kept running the same stuff over and over and did not carry any part of the press conferance.
Remember this, ESPN stands for ENTERTAINMENT and sports Programming Network. Entertainment comes first to these people. Let alone, ESPN is a Mickey Mouse operation. I watch ESPN all the time, but I always treat the information for what it is, gossip.

ESPN is a much to powerful force in collegiate athletics. They determine what two teams play for the national championship, who wins the Heisman, and whether Les Miles can be the coach at Michigan. I believe Les Miles may have left for Michigan following this season, but ESPN forced him to commit to his current team. This is a travesty for Michigan.

If you want information on the Huskers, or sports in general, listen to ESPN but use the other tools to filter the information, such as common sense, the internet, and the newspaper. I'm a Husker junkie, and I love ESPN's coverage of sports. College football has never been more popular and ESPN has a lot to do with that. All things in moderation I guess.

Keep the Faith.

It seems today that media creates the news rather than reporting the news!


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